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  3. https://www.spotify.com/us/wrapped/ 100% advice you to use mobile to see your spotify wrapped since you can't see it on PC
  4. What was everyone's top artists, songs, and genre of the year? My top artists are Iron Maiden and Megadeth my top song is Can I Play With Madness by Iron Maiden and my top genre is metal/rock
  5. should 100% use wacom tablet for osu
  6. If you are going to do painting or drawing then perhaps get something larger but for photo editing the small wacom intuos CTL4100 is a right choice . I own a XP-Pen Deco 01 V2 drawing pad tablet that I was gifted back in 2019. It was originally for digital illustration, but I've started using it again in the past year for photo editing. Wacom is definitely better in every way, but XP-PEN still does the job pretty well for way cheaper.
  7. No, that's not how it works. Two negatives make a positive
  8. to all devis i send this letter you need to nerf 096 he is to op and at least the old one was fun now its just unfir and unfun so to all dvis plaes nerf him. I had a stroke reading this plus pantheon is not the devs like gandling said, your making me lose braincells rn.
  9. Can't tell if you're actually trolling or genuinely mashing your head on the keyboard, but two things. 1. Your post is barely readable and it's a struggle to get through. 2. We are a community on SCP:SL, not developers of the game. The developers are Northwood. Go to the Official SCP:SL Discord through Lachchoc's post and post there. We have the Official AU server, sure. This does not mean we are the Official Developers of the game.
  10. Sure it adds up. He's got a negative but also a positive, that's how they attract, see?
  11. Shoulda seen this recent gem that came in. One or two word answers to everything. Was premium!
  12. Shoulda killed him. Then I woulda been impressed. But you didn't. YOU FAILED!
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