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  4. Skribbl.io seems to be enjoyed by a lot of the community, so I will be hosting some rounds this Saturday. For those that don't know, Skribbl.io is an online game where you're given random things to draw and the other players try to guess. Feel free to join in and show off you talent! If you are interested in joining use the signup link below. Signup: https://forms.gle/E5jZmH45Yq47S2na6
  5. Judging by your history with harassment I'm inclined to believe it happened. You may not perceive what you say can either be harassment or racism but to others it can be very different. Therefor this appeal is being declined. Please be mindful of everything you say or do within any community or server. Desteris
  6. Name: Винни-пух Steam ID/link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Vinne_Poo/ Reason for ban: Harrasing Staff memebers/ history Banned by: Apparently Pengu Time: banned until 13th of March 2021 Why should I be unbanned: what happened was that i asked questions (and i dont recall asking any offinsive/hurtful) to an admin who's name was ghandling (sorry if I mistyped). To start off I wanted to call him Ghandi for short and he seemed fine with it. So I called him Ghandi. Then I recall asking questions such as how I could become a mod/admin and then when Ghandling asked
  7. I can't find the "Masterpiece" reaction. :MR_CrySnapped:
  8. I made this to also kind of explain in my own way why Cas isn't around anymore. Obviously, this isn't what happened but I feel like this is the better version. Pantheon Comm Staff.mp4
  9. Ham

    SCP:SL Events

    Details for this event can be found in our discord. https://pantheoncommunity.org/discord/
  10. Robin

    Pantheon Podcast

    The Pantheon Podcast is a small podcast run by Robin. It covers recent events, news and announcements whilst also getting the community involved. There are voted for topics and even a section for people to freely share their opinions.
  11. i thought it'd be funny if my name was lizard
  12. Pantheon Community - Community Krunker Gaming Session Hey gamers, As of lately a game called Krunker has gained some popularity within the community, so Hallowed will be hosting some games of it on Saturday the 6th at 7PM AEDT. Krunker is a free to play online shooter game that you can play by opening a link to quickly open up a tab of it meaning you don't have to do any preparation whatsoever, accounts for it are also not required. To any of you gamers who want to compete for the title of "Krunker Champion of Pantheon", sign up below! https://forms.gle/zGfay7HNaS8hXQaN7
  13. Declined You were initially restricted for posting a joke submission for our recent comp, you then rejoined the server to avoid the restriction and were banned. You may re-appeal in 2 weeks time if you wish.
  14. Name: короче говоря#4459 Steam: Not sure Server: Discord What was the reason of your ban?: not sure How long?: Perm Who were you banned by?: Not sure Why should I be unbanned?: I honestly am sorry for being a smartass to staff members, Please could I be given another chance. If I be a dickhead to staff again, I expect to get no other chance and a Perm ban. I am sorry for being a smartass, please could you forgive me.
  15. Pantheon Community - Emoji Competition #2 Everyone loves a good emoji so it's time to photoshop and show off your artistic talent in creating some original emojis to be used on the discord server! The competition will run starting today and will end on the 22nd of March. Post your emoji in the #competition-entries channel on the discord and the community can vote to support your emoji being added. The Community Staff team will pick from the top voted submissions and the winners will receive the below prizes! 1st place winner will receive a $25 Steam gift card, 1 month of Discord Ni
  16. Earlier
  17. I used to be named Chicken Sandwich, then it was taken on a website so I needed a new one so somehow came up with BreadIsMyGod and just stuck with that, and then Bread is just what everyone calls me so I changed my name on Steam and Pantheon to that (also I got sick of everyone constantly asking "is bread your god")
  18. I was thinking how ‘water drinker’ would be a funny name and this was when I played csgo a lot but I thought it was too generic, so then I came to ‘water drinkist’ which sounded better for a joke. Set it as my discord name for a while and just decided to change it to everything
  19. Yeah, that sounds about right. That, or I'd have an undead army and laugh maniacally, closing in on the server. xD
  20. Hello, it seems you forgot about the fact that you openly also were using alts to ban evade. So unfortunately for you, the ban will remain. If you believe we have a bias towards donators you are most definitely wrong, you are fine to think that way if you want. But at the end of the day, your opinion matters naught. With all this taken into account we hope you find a server more accommodating towards your style of personality. Desteris
  21. Name:Fat pizza SteamID64 (if applicable): Server:ALL What was the reason for your ban?:toxicity and mic spamming How long was the duration of the ban?:PERM Who were you banned by?:Not sure Why do you believe you should be unbanned?:because i believe that the staff on the severs are very one sided and treat donators better like royalty although im am open to reconsider my opinions on the staff member thats why i think i should un banned from the great servers. Thank you fat pizza
  22. I based my online name to my irl name and the first 3 letters of camo is the start of my name so i just went along with camo.
  23. Ario was the name of my first ever online character for Everquest 2 from about 15 years ago. Rivan is a race of people from one of my favourite book series. I just combined the 2.
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