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  2. It was before the donation rework. Now that Mega is $10 a month rather than a hard $75, Rainbow SL tag has been lowered to a cumulative $100.
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  5. I guess i'm going next . My favourite exotic weapon is probably Thorn because It rips in PVP
  6. This one is simple; name an exotic weapon you like and why! I will begin My favourite exotic weapon is Outbreak Perfected, because the catalyst is so good!
  7. i will play with smonk for balancing :)
  8. I refuse to play Dokk, BB or Finka But yes 3v3 championship pls
  9. Smonk is only allowed to use Blackbeard and Finka and must only play House.
  10. smonk is only allowed to use dokk tho
  11. Gandalf? your name is Gandling... What?
  12. A random person has became a t-mod that easily? who are you?
  13. I was thinking people could choose their teams, however they might need to be balanced out. Hot sure how to do that though.
  14. Pog, are teams picked or random?
  15. Helo Rainbow Six Siege has been gaining popularity in pantheon lately, so I think it would be epic to hold a small competitive tournament in custom games sometime in the school holidays for any pantheon members to play. Depending on how many players there are, teams could be 5v5 or 3v3s. There could be a prize for the winners, or it could just be for fun. Games could go best of 3 (or more) to find the winner, maps could be voted on and it would be ranked settings (operator bans, etc). There would be a spectator that could stream it if others want to spectate, but not participate. This is just an idea for now, so if anyone has anything they might want to include feel free to comment it below or dm me on discord. Tell me what you think about it and if you'd be interested!
  16. Accepted looks good!
  17. where is shrekoning who is this shredoning guy smh my head
  18. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCll5kjEVbvKltY3qYKXp30A Idk if anyone likes these clips, i thought they were a good giggle. You can take whatever current clips u want from my channel if u like em
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  20. who's this "shredoning" guy? See this is why he should do an introduction.
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