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  2. Doesn't even like himself, smh shaking my head
  3. Me when waiting for 300 content count

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  5. Friend introduced me to SL and we played on Official for a bit before switching to Pantheon to avoid FF. I joined the server and lurked for a few weeks before starting to talk November 2019, eventually applied for Mod in May last year, and now I am a certified chad epic gamer.
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  7. I need burger

    1. panncake


      kfc mall now

    2. Lunch


      Early bird, god damn. Stop waking up

  8. If you think of what it is at some point, just DM me and I can update them if need be.
  9. I like everything but I’m not the greatest fan of the donator/mod badges but it’s still a major improvement over the old ones
  10. What are your thoughts on the new rank badges on the forums, logo, game packages and new #welcome, #get-roles and #reports channel banners? Change has been long overdue, and I've been trying hard to redesign everything whilst staying faithful to the original. I would appreciate any feedback, suggestions or changes you might want to see in the future, but please try to keep it civil. Logo - The logo, silly :p Forum badges - The lil image tag under your name, like my red "Community Staff+" one. Game packages - Here The welcome channel if you're lazy - Here
  11. Borger or curry. Especially burgers at Grilld', they're really nice
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