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  3. i have never seen you in my life
  4. +1 My favourite singer and artist! He made The Lemon Song, one of my favourite songs of all time. I am awaiting a Lemon Song 2 to come out very shortly!
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  6. Welcome to T-mod. I haven't ever won a game of bowling so congrats.
  7. Interesting introduction. I r8 this 8/8. Game of the year
  8. Hello, everyone! I'm Lemon, I'm a new T-Mod, and my greatest accomplishments include winning a game of bowling a few years ago. hi
  9. Ah, Spooky A nice chill guy giving his introduction none the less. Amazing to play with Don't hesitate to throw some love at this guy. He deserves it every now and then. He is a really good person. OwO
  10. hi, spooky. i am graced by your presence but im struggling with one teeny weeny thing. are you up for the challenge? good how do i post on the forums please help im so stuck oh god no dads back please omh spooky pelase cscasdasdasdsad agfh
  11. Yeah... new... not traumatic at all... have not seen Joker here before...
  12. Recent trial, more like a recent mod. You LIE!
  13. He's the dancing bone guy. Remember that, folks. He also likes to say bruh and/or brug. He's THAT guy. :eyeroll: Love you bud. <3
  14. ah shit mate the miniature circular ones are delicious
  15. Oooo, yumm.. I love myself some swiss, but I'm down for any type of cheese
  16. So this is like Food Fight, basically?
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