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  3. I like how you can change your birthday on here, but not your name. I no longer have a dysfunctional mic

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  5. Explain? I did it for no reason
  6. clock explain yourself this moment
  7. The action or practice of inhaling small quantities of a concentrated and vaporized drug, typically cannabis oil or resin. "even among marijuana proponents, dabbing is a polarizing topic"
  8. lets make it alive again
  9. Can we delete this topic?
  10. You disappoint me, Twenty... Even Gaffy, your twin said this was cringe.
  11. i donated $30 before the update to the donation system made today a few days ago and i have got the silver role on discord but not the donator role nor does it show it on the SCP:SL server
  12. Humanity is lost, time to start over.
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