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  4. "if I had a dime for every time a homeless man asks me for change, i'd still say no."

    -Bo Burnham

  5. The freshest thing since canned tuna

    1. Koz


      that is offensive 

  6. LMJ


  7. Koz


  8. If you stop halfway up the mountain, you will never see the view...
    When you look how far you've climbed, you'll find the courage to pull through...
    You'll wonder how on Earth you can put up with all of this...
    Then you'll come across a memory of perfect bliss...
    So keep following the light, No matter how much your heart aches,
    Cuz this sad old world will need your hope to fix it when it breaks,
    And in times when you can't take it, and you want your day to end,
    Take my hand, And you will find, Life is beautiful, my friend.
  9. My love


  10. wish i could just you know just become GIORNO GIOVANNA I CAN TASTE A LIAR

  11. i wish to crunch

  12. shing shang walabala bing bang

  13. god in a can

  14.                                   oh gosh had I have such an amazing burger at the Hard Rock Café,




  15. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198138731174/  <-- my profile




  16. how can i be a adme


  17. Congratulations for Administrator, it was well earnt. :)

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