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    i am koz (real name is sean a. w.) currently studying in art school very approachable, love talking i do things for the lolz i try not to be rude but facts dont care about your feelings thank you kanye very cool also cant hear broke people with these airpods on
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  6. A little about me I guess I'll just start off with a hi aha, I'm no good at these things. My real name is Shaun. My favorite game series is Final fantasy (just cant get enough). I'm 20 yrs of age, I'm male of course lol. I am a very active person. I go to the gym a lot and am a black belt in taekwondo second degree white, So don't mess with me or I'll beat your ass lol. Jk I'm that gentle I couldn't hurt a fly but rub me or cross me the wrong way best believe you hope to never see me again. "Hmmm" what else? I love music, then again who doesn't lol. I love any type of music as long as it has a good beat or melody. Specifically though I find myself listening to EDM, Electro, Dubset, Trap, Chill, However my favorite band is Pendulum, they make really mad music. Speaking of "mad music" (a quick plug for lusty ahaha) Go check out lusty's profile and then follow your way to his music. I listened to it earlier and its actually *FIRE*. I'm a very chill guy that loves striking up a conversation with anyone. If you ever see me in a (Voice Call) in the Pantheon discord channel feel free to join as I'd like to meet as much of the community as I can. I love a good cup of hot chocolate, Can't beat a good hot choccy ahaha. I also love drawing or just creating art in general. You'll see a lot of my art in #artwork-media text channel. Post your art as well, as I'd like to see other peoples art ahaha. Lastly to finish this off, I hope to stick around in the Pantheon community for a long time so you'll see me around a lot ahaha. I'm happy to meet all of you and hope to make and share great memories of SCP SL or any game we decide to play. So with that I'll see ya around.
  7. It's okay hidekane, i don't hate you. Here, have a ninja emoji
  8. I exist, I will not apologize for doing so. Frequently, I exist on the pantheon discord and on the secret laboratory servers. I will not apologize for this either. I am also unrepentant in my availability to get bread with my fellow gamers on pantheon servers, so you'll just have to deal with it. PS; my username is a lie, I am in actual fact named Caleb and not nickolas at all haha get pranked
  9. Hello Mochi, I don't believe there are any plans to bring back the DarkRP server the TTT server is still up though, but hopefully you can still enjoy the pantheon community for our other games like SCP and Atlas Thanks
  10. Hello, I'm just a passerby, looking for new communities and so forth. I spend alot of my time on Garry's Mod, if not on Garry's Mod I'm most likely playing Skyrim or occupying myself with whatever small hobbies I find. I'm a pretty simple girl, of course still in highschool and thankfully almost out of it. Also, I can't seem to find your DarkRP server in the list, does it happen to be taken off temporarily? Thank you for your time.
  11. pls ;-; everyone is so mean to me
  12. Earlier
  13. so far they have broken AU,US and international laws
  14. Escape From Tarkov ... don't support people who do illegal things... they DMCA people on youtube they don't like, and they refuse to do refunds & they support hacking groups
  15. If you have an extra slot open for a player to join your crew I'll go buy it.
  16. yes, Jihadi JoJo does too but he can suck my ass
  17. oooh. someone that plays SL and osu..
  18. If you know me, then you know I enjoy playing other games rather than just SCP:SL. These games are: - Minecraft - Escape From Tarkov - Terraria - Town of Salem - and some others Anyways, I was wondering does anyone here play EFT (Preferably in Sydney servers) and is wanting to team up? We can join a Pantheon discord during raids to communicate and in general get to know each other. I'm currently level 22, completing quests is pretty hard alone. For those who don't know what Escape From Tarkov is, it's an ultra-hardcore, tactical game which you can either play as a Scav with random gear, or choose to bring your own gear into a raid as your PMC (main) character. If you die mid-raid you will lose EVERYTHING you looted and took into the raid unless you insured it. During raids you will encounter other PMCs (Players), scavs (NPCs) and player scavs which are out to kill you. You can choose to form a group of up to 5 other players or go solo (pretty hard alone if you're new). - The game requires a pretty beefy computer to run, at least 16gigs of ram and a 6gb graphics card at least.
  19. DENIED Soz, u r bad n I don fink u wil b gud
  20. ary is so under-appreciated
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