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  2. They've been disabled, wasn't even aware that people were using them until now.
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  4. Pantheon Community - Discord Animated Logo & Banner Competition Information It's time again to show off your artistic skills to the rest of the community! Pantheon is hosting an animated Discord logo, and new banner competition for anyone to participate in. With the limit of one animated logo, and one banner, you can submit your entries into the #competition-entries channel where the community can upvote entries. Votes will be taken into consideration, however the final decision will be made by the judges being community staff, and Pantheon leadership. This competition will b
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  7. Thats a Joe Swanson moment when you don't know how to add signatures never mind I figured it out
  8. Thank you spky, very cool
  9. i think they're great, i shall keep this one and any application reply I make, they will see it, it shall bring me joy. this is the new meta.
  10. Has anyone ever used these lol? They're broken as fuck too
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  12. Hey Mr Robin, Firstly Your intro is good in length and friendly But the grammar in the first line is incorrect. I will be giving your formal introduction a +1 And hello to you too Lachchoc123 :D
  13. Ah the topic I've been waiting for. Very into fantasy anime. Especially action. You should be able to get a decent gauge of what I like from the list. Not in any particular order, also any bonus content from the same series I like as well (except Zettai Karen. I like the spinoff better because of its tone). I always watch subbed. I also don't like Samurai anime. Too predictable. Favourites: Hellsing Hellsing Ultimate Tenrou: Sirius the Jaeger Black Lagoon Death Note Devil May Cry Juuni Taisen: Zodiac War Code:Breaker 1eyes
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