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  2. That is interesting Lizard. I like Adam Sandler as well
  3. I liked 50 first dates as the main actor was very cool and attractive, dunno who he is though.
  4. Demon Slayer: Mugen Train
  5. I like grown ups 2 because Adam Sandler is very funny and makes the movie funny and good
  6. Billy Maddison, because Adam Sander reminds me of water drinkist
  7. Click, Adam Sandler makes the movie so much more enjoyable
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  9. What are your favourite movies that you have watched?
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    Hey, TTT Gamers This Friday, Hallowed will be hosting an event for you! Trouble In Terrorist Town Trouble In Terrorist Town, or TTT is a gamemode on Garry's Mod. TTT is a game similar to Among Us, where there are Traitors trying to slowly kill off the Innocents that have to work together to eliminate the Traitors. Date: Friday the 6th of August, 8:00PM - 10:30PM AEST
  13. Accepted Three of the four listed players have been punished due to their behaviour, as one of them were not really contributing to it if you rewatch the video carefully. Thanks for reporting the issue.
  14. Server: Pantheon 5 Reason: N Word (Trolling and Racist) and also the same guy i reported earlier didn't change his name Players: Snig**MyNi****, SneakyDuck905, Broolynkodi, [Staples] and maybe more if you can find them in the video Reason: I am going to put a video below of the horrible words these members were saying on the SCP Server Tonight at about 8:17pm . Also to note that the same guy i reported about his name didn't bother changing his name and still kept his racist name. As you can see in the video these members are just trolling and hopefully stuff gets done against these people Video: https://streamable.com/zom57e
  15. Declined I'm gonna have to point out something not just you but for all future reports. We don't do groups like this (groups of people with one screenshot each). We only do per person cases. There also seems to only be 1 screenshot of each of them anyway so they're all unfortunately not enough. If you could provide video evidence of all those people acting up in a toxic manner, that would make sense, but this doesn't seem to be the case here. Please do single person case by case scenarios from now on so we can help in the most efficient way possible and provide the necessary evidence when needed. If you are frustrated in being team killed, you could always feel free to join Pantheon where such things aren't possible. Thank you and have a good day.
  16. Offender's Name: 1haraam Offender's Steam ID: 76561198306653558 Reason for this report: Teamkilling constantly Evidence / Witnesses: Offender 2's Name: MetroUnknown Offender 2's Steam ID: 76561199020840121 Reason for this report: Teamkilling constantly Evidence / Witnesses: Offender's Name: Unknown Offender's Steam ID: Unknown Reason for this report: Teamkilled me while I was customizing my weapon Evidence / Witnesses: I'm on Australia Official
  17. Declined Hey this appears to be just a random case of teamkilling on our servers, since you've only had one (seemingly unprovoked) teamkill in the 50 minutes of playtime that you have had today. Due to this we cannot take action as it does not break our teamkilling rules since it isn't classed as targeted or excessive. If any players continue this behaviour further until it reaches 3 instances of teamkilling, feel free to create a new player report and we'll be able to sort it out for you.
  18. Offender's Name: Unknown Offender's Steam ID: Unknown Reason for this report: Teamkilled me while I was customizing my weapon Evidence / Witnesses: The teamkilling seems to be continuing. I'm on Australia Official.
  19. If you could sum up how you have been feeling this past week with 1 song, which would it be? for me i'd say this cover; https://youtu.be/TFvP6vZkU1M
  21. panncake

    VR Chat

    Hey everyone, InvIncabl3 and I have an event for you! VR Chat is a free-to-play VR and none VR game that you and your friends can join to experience the multitude of mini-games it has to offer while meeting new friends and having a good time. The mini-games lined up support both Desktop and Oculus VR Date: Sunday the 31th of July at 4pm AEST
  22. Hey everyone, Lizard and I have an event for you! Risk is a free multiplayer strategy game where your goal is to conquer the entire map by defeating your opponents and taking their territory. Make alliances with the people you trust then eventually backstab them for global domination. Date: Sunday the 1st of August at 3pm AEST
  23. After joining the server to see what people were doing, I've decided to Accept this player report. Two users have currently been punished for engaging it and due to their attitude to staff. Thanks for reporting the issue.
  24. Offender's Name: MrKractus Offender's Steam ID: 76561198241709102 Offender 2's Name: HTT4132 Offenser 2's Steam ID: 76561198999203812 Offender 3's Name: SpringlockedshortsSFM Offender 3's Steam ID: 76561198411985720 Reason for this report: Constantly teamkilling me, Harassing me and telling everyone to "Kill ExPort Gaming" This happened because I teamkilled him ONCE because he locked us into Intercom Evidence / Witnesses: I have a screenshot, if you need a video I can record one now. EDIT: Another one EDIT 2: I added the second offenders ID and Username EDIT 3: https://imgur.com/a/j8JimXs <--- Offender 3
  25. Appears to have been a bug that occurred, should be resolved within the next hour or so
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