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  2. another one i made on photoshop
  3. neato! more dark backgrounds. good on the eyes
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  6. Not sure if this imagine is big enough or not. I made it on this site which is cool either way to check out and if you want to try make your own: http://haxiomic.github.io/GPU-Fluid-Experiments/html5/?q=Medium
  7. Hey guys, if you didn't know already you can change the background of your forum by selecting the following: I'm wanting to offer a wider variety of backgrounds so if you have any cool background suggestions please post below! (nothing stupid please).
  8. Last week
  9. I'm mainly into Date-a-Live and into JoJo. I would migrate to any genres but those 2 are my main animes I watch, JoJo manga I read and DAL light novel. What about you guys?
  10. depends on what kind of games you like, Div 2, Anthem, Ascension are some that seem decent
  11. Any good games to look forward to this year?
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  13. Koz


    my osu! tag is Ebifresh i can play around 5-8 star songs on relax and only relax mode cool cool but never played in >5 months
  14. 1. Pokemon Platinum 2. Osu! (been playing it since the beginning of high school) 3. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon (Explorers of Darkness) 4. Garry's Mod (Prop Hunt, TTT, Death Run)
  15. Someone play with me (except Jojo because Jojo is too good) My osu! tag is xXHidekaneXx I can play around 4-6 star songs. pls, I get lonely. https://osu.ppy.sh/home/download and to the people who already have osu!....do you think Dean "Peppy" Herbert is a weeb? i think he's a weeb also Cookiezi's new name on osu is "Nathan on osu" and idk what that is about tbh...https://osu.ppy.sh/users/124493
  16. Steel is typically comprised of Iron and Carbon in varying ratios depending on the hardness of the steel you want. Unless we're talking about alloy steel (steel with other metals added to change it's qualities) no other ores than iron ore are used in creating it (i don't believe carbon counts as an ore). So there, you're both wrong but that's okay because steel is heavier than feathers even if they both weigh a kilogram.
  17. mate steel is made from other ores, not mined, fight me dog
  18. ey dont understend.
  19. baywatch you do realise you don't mine for steal?
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