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  3. Simply just a no nitro issue. :trolld:
  4. Mate if someone sends you a link for free 3 months of nitro out of nowhere, it's obvious not to click it. Water Drinkist and everyone else are literally saying the same thing. The reason there was such thing for YouTube was because Discord made an official announcement about their partnership with YouTube.
  5. you clicked on a free nitro scam and then it got posted in the discord, booting you out of the discord and your account
  6. I do like this idea. People won't be allowed to do "a little trolling" anymore.
  7. Due to the fact you're allergic to everything and have a really bad rash. I'm hollow
  8. Clearly the skill dropped once you entered the elevator
  9. Last week
  10. I'm surprised I made it to this point of not telling them of what happened
  11. -1 Due to you being a Minirow instead of a Maxirow im going to have to negative 1 your application. Pump those numbers up and i'll change it to a +1.
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