SCP: Secret Laboratory
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[SCP] Donation
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  • Permanent

Donation Rewards

Access to donator-only discord channels.

Permanent donator rank on our discord and forums.

Extra entries into our giveaways (More entries higher the tier).

Chance to spawn with unique loadouts as NTF, CI, Class D and Scientists (Silver+):

[NTF LIEUTENANT - Detective]
USP, Flashlight, Disarmer, Radio, Tablet, Card.

[NTF CADET - Medic]
3 Medkits, MP7, Radio, Tablet, Card.

[CHAOS - Grenadier]
3 Grenades, Logicer, Card.

Chance to spawn with a radio.

Chance to spawn with a Janitor Card or Flashlight.

In-game donator rank on our SCP:SL servers (Silver+).

Recieve reserved slots on our SCP:SL servers (Gold+).

Your own custom in-game badge, includes a title and colour of your choosing (Mega).

Donation Tiers

Bronze ($5-24)

Silver ($25-49) 

Gold ($50-74) 

Mega ($75+)