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  • Forum Rules

    1. Be respectful to everyone. If you have any issues related to a user, contact a forum moderator or use the report content option (if applicable).

    2. Keep the use of vulgar words on forums to a minimum.

    3. Revealing private information about someone will result in a permanent ban from the site.

    4. Don't backseat moderate, we have forum moderators for a reason.

    5. Do not start topics or send posts that serve no purpose or could be considered spam.

    6. Only report content if you have a valid reason.

    7. We prefer it if you avoid posting on content older than 8 months.

    8. Keep threads on topic and refrain from starting drama.

    9. When filling out an application, appeal, or report, make sure you use the correct format.

    10. You must provide a a decent response when commenting on applications, and also provide a +1 , -1, or pending vote.

    11. If your application is declined, you must wait a minimum of 2 weeks before re-applying.

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