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  • Forum Rules

    1. Be respectful to everyone. If you have any issues related to a user, contact a forum moderator.

    2. Keep the use of vulgar words on forums to a minimum.

    3. Revealing private information about someone will result in a permanent ban from the site.

    4. Don't backseat moderate, we have forum moderators for a reason.

    5. Do not start topics that serve no purpose or could be considered spam.

    6. Only report content if you have an actual reason.

    7. Avoid posting on content older than 6 months.

    8. Your signatures should be kept to an appropriate size.

    9. Keep threads on topic and refrain from starting drama.

    10. When filling out an application, appeal, or report make sure you use the correct format.

    11. You must provide a reason when leaving a +1 or -1 on an application.

    12. If your application is declined, you must wait a minimum of 2 weeks before re-applying.

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