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    If you know me, then you know I enjoy playing other games rather than just SCP:SL. These games are: - Minecraft - Escape From Tarkov - Terraria - Town of Salem - and some others Anyways, I was wondering does anyone here play EFT (Preferably in Sydney servers) and is wanting to team up? We can join a Pantheon discord during raids to communicate and in general get to know each other. I'm currently level 22, completing quests is pretty hard alone. For those who don't know what Escape From Tarkov is, it's an ultra-hardcore, tactical game which you can either play as a Scav with random gear, or choose to bring your own gear into a raid as your PMC (main) character. If you die mid-raid you will lose EVERYTHING you looted and took into the raid unless you insured it. During raids you will encounter other PMCs (Players), scavs (NPCs) and player scavs which are out to kill you. You can choose to form a group of up to 5 other players or go solo (pretty hard alone if you're new). - The game requires a pretty beefy computer to run, at least 16gigs of ram and a 6gb graphics card at least.
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