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  1. Was a big fan of 70s-80s' rock but started listening to rap and electronic over last 2 years, I'm pretty open minded with all genres of music tho tbh when I get suggestions. Top 5 tracks (always changing lol) probs gonna be: 1. Calvin Harris - Feel So Close 2. Blur - Ghost Ship 3. Kanye West - Runaway 4. KIDS SEE GHOSTS - Kids See Ghosts (All the songs on that album are great tho) 5. Gorillaz - Revolving Doors, Souk Eye or On Melancholy Hill
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    A guy from the city buys a farm. His farmer neighbor comes over and says, "why don't you come over, we're going to have a shindig for ya. We're neighborly here." The city guy says, "this is exactly why I moved to the farm. I love this." The farmer says, "it will be a hell of a good time, there'll be a little drinkin', a little fightin', a little fuckin'. The city guy says, "that sounds good, what time should I be there?" Farmer says, "any time you'd like, it'll just be the two of us."
  3. Norm Macdonald - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vK9q3wC3Nwo Took a while to get into the dude's kind of humor but his delivery on everything is bloody amazing
  4. Always used Panth servers whenever me and a few mates play SCP, only learned from some staff in-game about the discord and community, you all seem fucking cool! Figured I would like to join your ranks. Cheers ✌
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