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  1. Declined Your history has been pretty bad with micspam so I'm inclined to leave this where it is. Please be mindful in the future to control how loud and frequent you do play noise of any kind, whether it comes from you or a soundboard you use. I also want to remind you that in the Appeal Template, that it says SteamID64 and DiscordID . You provided your Steam link to your profile which was not what was asked for. If you needed help in converting your id to SteamID64, you can use a converter and then paste that in. - Gandling.
  2. Declined Please follow the format. - Gandling.
  3. Declined So from the recording that I have of you actually threatening the person in question, it seems like you were very much aware of what it means, considering the wording you used along with it and due to the severe illegal nature of said action, this will not be accepted. Maybe next time, you'll choose your words carefully. Do not re-appeal. - Gandling.
  4. Just to you and Canny. Take you both down a peg. >:)
  5. It's okay. No one wants to talk to you anyway. Yeah there is a reason why we already have a minimum time to play scp already and being active in the community. For these exact reasons right here. Those who make bad applications already get told by the community why they aren't accepted so the system's essentially fine as is.
  6. Appeal is Declined and I will be stating the following: 1. Encvy does not have the perms to ban on the Discord, only Discord Staff do. He moderates SCP:SL, hence SCP:SL Moderator. 2. Harassing Staff in DM's is a bannable offense and we, as a community, do not tolerate harassment of any kind. Racism, sexism, slander, disrespect, demeaning, all of it. Not permitted. Harassment has always been forbidden in the rules of our servers, which has been monitored for years now, so people don't have an excuse not to read 'em in game AND on Discord. Also, harassing moderators saying "imgaine being that sad" in a mod's DMs doesn't help your case. I would like to inform you as well that, as much you think you can get away with antagonizing others, it will come back and bite you. Time will tell if you can behave in game, but I'm going to decline this, in hopes that this sets an example to those who think bullying others is a "fun" thing to do. There are more people out there than just you, and hopefully you now realize this.
  7. Unfortunately, this is an introduction? So introducing yourself is a bad thing? How dare. You 4d square man you.
  8. How to skate?! You liar! xD Damn right you're invisible. Get those cheeks out here. xD
  9. Ultimately, it's up to you what you do and don't do. I don't think much has changed within you. I believe you've grown though. As a person, maybe it is time for you to move on, that's fine. I ain't gonna fight it. There'd be no point. You've made up your mind and I'll respect it. You know I'll always appreciate your fanatic love for Sonic stuff. You know I do too. Do what you need to do and.... pursue the things that make you happy, man. You'll regret it later on in life. Take care.
  10. I am sorry to hear it, but as always; your mental health comes first. Do whatever you need to do. I'm all for self-care and self-maintenance so if you need to do this, then go right ahead, man. Good luck to you! :)
  11. Declined I'm gonna have to point out something not just you but for all future reports. We don't do groups like this (groups of people with one screenshot each). We only do per person cases. There also seems to only be 1 screenshot of each of them anyway so they're all unfortunately not enough. If you could provide video evidence of all those people acting up in a toxic manner, that would make sense, but this doesn't seem to be the case here. Please do single person case by case scenarios from now on so we can help in the most efficient way possible and provide the necessary evidence when needed. If you are frustrated in being team killed, you could always feel free to join Pantheon where such things aren't possible. Thank you and have a good day.
  12. Hey Secrucial, Few things are wrong with this appeal. Firstly, you didn't provide a proper DiscordID. Secondly, I was the one that banned you for being underage, as video footage was provided, showing you admitted to being underage. I've also heard you speak in SCPSL and it is no different to this "voice changer" you claim you have. Thirdly, as it goes against Discord's ToS, I'm going to be keeping this ban here. If you do desire to come back in a year or two, feel free to appeal then. Until then, this stays here. Declined
  13. Hello voice actor Robin Robinson. Nice to meet you! Pursue that career. boi.
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