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  1. @SpookySpazoThere isn't one >:)
  2. The next poster admits to peeking through old people's windows.
  3. Google is your friend.
  4. Granted but now you have to have it directly injected into your forehead, causing nauseating headaches. I wish I didn't get sick of food.
  5. Granted, but he's now aware of you coming to punch him so he armours himself and you break your wrist. I wish I wouldn't have back problems.
  6. I've only had pikelets so... I'm going with those.
  7. Granted but then you are deleted and banned via all avenues, taking all credit away. I wish Arnold and Helga would just hook up already.
  8. /stop? I don't get what this is implying...
  9. In the past, I liked both but loved the taste of Mars more. Since then, discovering my acid reflux, I can no longer eat either of them... Still like Flake and Dairy Milk though.
  10. Granted, but no one recognizes it or cares about those "special" numbers anymore. I wish I was never hungry.
  11. mmmyes... Shresoning... Like Shred but with seasoning.
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