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  1. A massive care package of malteser and coke goodies, a few shirts, couple of pairs of shorts, some MC merch and some stuff for my car like polishes and things.
  2. Sure it adds up. He's got a negative but also a positive, that's how they attract, see?
  3. Shoulda seen this recent gem that came in. One or two word answers to everything. Was premium!
  4. Shoulda killed him. Then I woulda been impressed. But you didn't. YOU FAILED!
  5. Hey Shred, You have no talent. -1 Gottem.
  6. Hopefully in a better state of mind than right now. Major depression is not fun.
  7. Ah the topic I've been waiting for. Very into fantasy anime. Especially action. You should be able to get a decent gauge of what I like from the list. Not in any particular order, also any bonus content from the same series I like as well (except Zettai Karen. I like the spinoff better because of its tone). I always watch subbed. I also don't like Samurai anime. Too predictable. Favourites: Hellsing Hellsing Ultimate Tenrou: Sirius the Jaeger Black Lagoon Death Note Devil May Cry Juuni Taisen: Zodiac War Code:Breaker 1eyes
  8. You thought me have correct grammar? NO SIR! I DO NOT NEED CORRECT GRAMMAR TO BE CRINGEWORTHY!
  9. SCP-049 Because he's the closest thing to a Necromancer in this universe apart from SCP-008 "The Zombie Plague", SCP-457 Because he's a cool fiery boy that I like. He would also have great potential in SL. SCP-633 Because he has a lot of potential for a game to be made about him or potentially an alternative to 079 in SL, like a chance in spawning instead of him. Super fun SCP-1770 Because I honestly think he'd make a fantastic crowd control SCP in SL.
  10. Eh fuck it, I don't have anything to lose. I've almost died 3 times from very... dark thoughts.
  11. Hmmm.... Some things might be a bit dark for this community, so I won't share unless prompted.
  12. @SpookySpazoThere isn't one >:)
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