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  1. So it's been a while since I've updated this, but let's do it! So how 'bout that, huh? I'm a mod now! It's been that long! Although even then, I've been a mod for a while too, Big fan of 079. A lot of people shy away from it because it doesn't feel as involved, but I like helping my team score some hilarious kills. Plus some good tesla action never hurt anyone... much. >:) There's lots of things you can do as 079 and I think that is one of many things that draws me in! It also helps to have a decent team but I don't mind showing you around the facility.
  2. I learn more and more about you each time I see you. It's great! Once you get to know Valk, she's pretty chill. Don't let her avatar intimidate you. Glad you made one o' these!
  3. Yeah... new... not traumatic at all... have not seen Joker here before...
  4. Recent trial, more like a recent mod. You LIE!
  5. He's the dancing bone guy. Remember that, folks. He also likes to say bruh and/or brug. He's THAT guy. :eyeroll: Love you bud. <3
  6. So this is like Food Fight, basically?
  7. Something about this thread stinks...
  8. How many dots, though? There's many, there's three and then there's... TOO MANY! Hi Dots. Never seen you before, >:D
  9. I am a fan of mostly Electronic and Hip-Hop but bits and bobs of each genre I don't really mind.
  10. Hey guys, A lot of you know me as that "Trial Mod" in game. I am Samael and I am pleased to meet you all! You'll see me in game getting myself into silly situations that cause me death, because I like to dive in head first! No pussyfooting around! Anyway, I hope to see you all in game and I hope to engage many of you in many shenanigans! Also, stop exploiting, Spooky. Thanks. <3
  11. Nice to meet you, NGAUGE. I'm guessing it's pronounced "engage"? Welcome!
  12. So you're a dude or a girl... Which one? ANSWER THE QUESTION!
  13. Sorry I'm late to the party. Welcome, good sir! Enjoy your stay in the community!
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