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  1. How many dots, though? There's many, there's three and then there's... TOO MANY! Hi Dots. Never seen you before, >:D
  2. I am a fan of mostly Electronic and Hip-Hop but bits and bobs of each genre I don't really mind.
  3. Sam-eye-el is what it usually is but eh semantics. <3
  4. Hey guys, A lot of you know me as that "Trial Mod" in game. I am Samael and I am pleased to meet you all! You'll see me in game getting myself into silly situations that cause me death, because I like to dive in head first! No pussyfooting around! Anyway, I hope to see you all in game and I hope to engage many of you in many shenanigans! Also, stop exploiting, Spooky. Thanks. <3
  5. Nice to meet you, NGAUGE. I'm guessing it's pronounced "engage"? Welcome!
  6. So you're a dude or a girl... Which one? ANSWER THE QUESTION!
  7. Sorry I'm late to the party. Welcome, good sir! Enjoy your stay in the community!
  8. Hey Adolf. Real life comes first, totally can relate to that. You were good at what you did, just know that.
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