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  2. Name: Pengu!!! Steam: 76561198150347523 Server: Official Ban reason: 939 biting again.. Ban duration: indefinite Banned by: bot Reason to be unbanned: maybe i shouldnt be prompting the bot to ban me anymore, we were doing hide and seek and i told the other 939s that you can banned for holding left click on an infinite health target and got myself banned again.
  3. Name: Pengu!!! Steam ID: 76561198150347523 Server: Official Ban Reason: Unknown - most likely the grenade that killed a 20 hp mtf, or bot thought i was hacking when i was biting logitar a lot of times as 939 while holding left click Ban Length: Unknown Banned by: Unknown Why should you be unbanned?: Rarely do I team kill, nor do I hack, so not sure why it even happened, Anti team kill player after all.
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