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  1. Name: XLR8 Server: Discord What was the reason for your ban/mute?: Posting a discord crasher How long was the duration of the ban/mute?: Perm Who were you banned/muted by?: Gandling (Not certain) Why do you believe you should be unbanned/unmuted?: It has been around a year since I was banned from the discord and I have reflected on the actions that I committed and have understood that they were wrong. I would love to come back to pantheon as it cares for its community very much.
  2. I'd have to go with Spiderman 2018. It's a great game graphics and story wise with an excellent portrayal of a young adult Peter Parker!
  3. I've never had a bloody nose before I've won multiple chess trophy's Surprisingly good at D2 PVP
  4. Stop please Roblox was in never
  5. Mans forgot Mr Mordhau helper
  6. Steam Name: XLR7 Discord name: XLR7#0002
  7. I'd have to agree with Gandling Piklets!
  8. Granted but you get leg problems I wish I could skip online school
  9. Granted but you watch everyone around you die of a disease I wish to punch riot games CEO
  10. Granted but it transforms into french fries I wish for the panzerkampfwagen vi
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