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  1. Accepted. Please keep in mind that we prefer if clips were submitted through a YouTube format but thanks for the submission though.
  2. Hey gamers! this weeks community gaming session, ran by Hallowed will be quite artistic, humorous, and most certainty fun! We'll be playing three party games. Skribble.io, Cards against humanity and Among us. If you're interested make sure to let us know by signing up below. https://forms.gle/SpcngnBR3d1Cgc9N7 Can't wait to see you this Saturday the 10th of October at 7PM onwards.
  3. Declined. I'm assuming you aren't uploading this to be put into Pantheon highlights but thanks for the submission!
  4. Declined. Also please note that we prefer if you upload the videos to YT and post the links here. Thanks for the submissions!
  5. Accepted. Although the quality of the audio (you eating at the start) is lacking, it can be edited out. Thanks!
  6. I'll evolve from a depressed highschooler to a depressed worker with no motivation to keep on living because my dream job and ambitions are too high for my grasp, to put it shortly, I'm not too sure.
  7. Damn I agree

  8. What's your favourite Programming language and what kinda stuff do you like doing/coding? I'm personally learning C# and I'm planning to make a conversation with a console command.
  9. Dubbed is better. I can enjoy the show instead of reading text the entire time.
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