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  1. My favourite game of all time is Terraria and whenever I hit Hardmode I always plant Hallow seeds at my house because it's my favourite biome, so I decided to make it my username.
  2. Hi there, would you like to sign my petition?
  3. Pantheon Community - Chaos Community Gaming Session Hey gamers, Today is the day where we announce our second event on Chaos happening this Friday, the 19th of February at 5PM AEDT which is being run by Hallowed, Chaos is a free to play shooter game that's pretty fun to play and mess around on with friends. You can find the game here: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1230410/Chaos/ To anyone who's interested, sign up below! https://forms.gle/B7SgSkxquCHoaeEx7
  4. Pantheon Community - Prop And Seek Community Gaming Session Hey Gamers, Do you think you're sneaky? Do you like the idea of becoming various props and objects to hide? Well on Friday the 5th of February at 8PM AEDT onwards Hallowed will be hosting some sessions on Prop And Seek, a free to play game much like Garry's Mod's Prop hunt. Everyone is free to join, and if you're interested sign up below! https://forms.gle/sZZvKtdr9EaiTbHTA
  5. until
    Pantheon Community - UNO Gaming Session Hey gamers, Hallowed and Spooky will be hosting some UNO games on Friday the 22nd of January at 8:30PM AEDT. If you're interested in playing some cards with friends, signup below! https://forms.gle/5qCQAk5xtnbY1mVD8
  6. Pantheon Community - Party Games Night Hey Gamers, Hallowed will be hosting some party games this Friday the 15th of January at 8:30PM AEDT. These games will include Cards Against Humanity, Skribble.io and Jack Box. If you're interested in joining, sign up here: <https://forms.gle/Smqra9f8pAPATcCA8>
  7. First of all I usually order the Zinger box then swap the gravy with extra chips, every now and then I swap out the borgor with something else. The chips are probably the best out of all takeaways, except Maccas depending if they're soft or not. I usually order a Pepsi Max as the drink, I also like to purchase a medium Pop Corn chicken every now and then as well. My favourite item probably has to be the wicked wings if the spices are perfect, which is usually once in a blue moon. I'm keen to try out some other stuff in the menu, but maybe when I can go next.
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