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  1. Borger or curry. Especially burgers at Grilld', they're really nice
  2. Rules are simple, say something positive about yourself, whether it's something you're good at, or maybe something you like about yourself. Must be about yourself and also positive.
  3. Doesn't know what coding even is. 'Developer' is just a cool title he likes.
  4. Wanna get roasted? Sure, get in the oven.
  5. Pantheon Community - Photo Competition Information It's May, and we're back with a Photo Competition with various themes and categories to enter your photos in! Everyone can enter and submit photos from either a video game or a in real life setting. Entries will be limited to only three per person, and cannot be deleted and/or replaced in any way. No entries of selfies or images that depict members of the community. Entries must be SFW and posted in the #competition-entry channel. Please keep this channel as entries only and do not flood it with anything else. We expect all entries t
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