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  1. You accidentally RDM'd me last night and I'm crying. But yes hello
  2. I'm personally a big fan of bands like Queen, Linkin Park, My Chemical Romance, and AC/DC. But what about your favourites, guys? Feel free to list songs, artists, and playlists.
  3. The version is currently the the most recent, being 1.17.1
  4. Who is this man? He seems cool.
  5. If robin and magnet weren't here. Yeah if only.
  6. Hallowed

    Friday Night GMod

    Pantheon Community - Gmod Gaming Session Hey Gamers, This Friday Hallowed will be hosting some Garry's Mod for you all! There will be three gamemodes to play, firstly being Murder, then Deathrun, followed by TTT. Murder Murder is a gamemode on Garry's Mod where there is a murderer with a knife randomly selected from the player base who has to try and murder everyone else. Among them is another individual who's spawned in with a firearm to be used against the murderer. Date: Friday the 3rd of September, 6:00PM - 7:30PM AEST Deathrun Deathrun is a gamemode on Garry's Mod where there's a large obstacle course with death traps scattered through it that The Runners must attempt to cross. The Death team has to try and activate these traps to kill off the runners team before they finish the course. Date: Friday the 3rd of September, 7:30PM - 9:00PM AEST Trouble In Terrorist Town Trouble In Terrorist Town, or TTT is a gamemode on Garry's Mod. TTT is a game similar to Among Us, where there are Traitors trying to slowly kill off the Innocents that have to work together to eliminate the Traitors. Date: Friday the 3rd of September, 9:00PM - 11:00PM AEST
  7. Would be cool but who plays gmod rp anymore
  8. When will the next chapter of this tale be released 🤔
  9. Hello old man, we should like be friends and play a game or something
  10. Most of you suck at this, even list tv shows if you have to
  11. What are your favourite movies that you have watched?
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