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  1. Hey bro. Unfortunately, the actions that have been recorded by our moderators in game is valid. and the further abuse you gave the staff in discord has lead to your ban from the discord server. Your appeal is Denied and you must wait out the one day ban.
  2. Declined Hey, you were banned for advertising a bot making program that raids servers (in your status) which also goes against Discord ToS. Unless you can give a good enough reason for why we should unban, you will remain banned. You may re-appeal in 2 weeks time.
  3. -1 used pogchamp as a noun
  4. Declined Your behavior towards staff, and members past and present has been poor, and you have had multiple instances of harassment towards both leading to a handful of restrictions. Your actions have been borderline for a long time now and action has now been taken against you. Furthermore, you haven't even tried to acknowledge your actual reason for being banned, with your reasoning for your unban kind of seeming like a joke. You may re-appeal in 3 months.
  5. until
    Phasmophobia - 3pm-4pm AEDT Left 4 Dead 2 - 3pm-4pm AEDT Among us - 4pm-5pm AEDT Secret treat - 5pm-6pm AEDT
  6. The sign up period for this competition will be running from the 19th through to the 23rd of October. With the talent show commencing on the 24th at 12pm AEST. For all who are interested please fill out the signup form. Signup: https://forms.gle/YiacH4waejLdbDjz9 To find out the prizes and get more information for the competition, go check out the forum post: https://eon.gg/talent-show2
  7. Declined There is video evidence provided by the moderators of you, saying the n-word/being racist. Furthermore. Your appeal lacks your unique steam64 ID, and your discord/steam name. You will have to wait out your 3 day ban, and I suggest in the future you follow the Pantheon server rules, in this case.
  8. Denied poor video quality
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