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  1. What's all your thoughts on the current status of roblox on pantheon?
  2. Now we’re on the finals! The top 2 contestants from the previous round move onto the finals. We will finally see who is overall best staff as of right now. staff who lost Semi-Finals: SirSmonk Wubbles Top 2 of Semi-Finals: Ham (12 votes) FreeLunch (10 votes)
  3. Bruh this is annoying lunch and smonk are tied i cant end it until one of them gets one more vote
  4. @Ham Sandwhich this is true. aight you can vote for urself now who careS
  5. vote doesn't count. Voting for yourself is a FELONY!
  6. Shredoning

    Donator Jackbox Night


  7. Now we're at the semi-finals! all contestants on round 2 that had 15 or more votes moved onto the Semi-Finals. The top 2 of this round will continue to the Final Round. Now on the semi-Finals there will be no multiple choice since there are only 4 contestants left. So good luck. Staff who lost round 2: Neiguex Logitar Shredoning Nom Gogurt Gaffy Cruxin Top 3 of round 2: 1st: Free Lunch (17 votes) 2nd: SirSmonk (16 votes) 3rd: Ham/Wubbles (15 votes)
  8. All the Staff members who got 5 or more votes move onto the next round. Staff who Lost round 1: Desteris Gandling Salem Jason22 Swackles Quikbandit Hallowed Top 3 of Round 1: 1st: Free lunch (10 votes) 2nd: Ham (9 votes) 3rd: Neiguex and Logitar (8 votes)
  9. who is best boi? who will it be?
  10. no officer, there is no smell of rotting children corpses inside these animatronics
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