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  1. I think I have to scared by the fact that I am almost every one of the villains
  2. Used to be shrekoning then I won the first panth talent show then someone suggested I should be Shredoning and then boom I am now Shredoning.
  3. Look you're pretty fine, great detail in the app, good discord activity, interact with people often. But you're a twitch streamer. So, my final verdict will be -1
  4. What did you all get for Christmas? I got an Oculus Quest 2 and a bunch of different metal band stuff.
  5. https://www.spotify.com/us/wrapped/ 100% advice you to use mobile to see your spotify wrapped since you can't see it on PC
  6. What was everyone's top artists, songs, and genre of the year? My top artists are Iron Maiden and Megadeth my top song is Can I Play With Madness by Iron Maiden and my top genre is metal/rock
  7. Right now barely anyone actually understands the rules of the forums let alone even know where are rules located due to It’s location under home. It is too obscure to notice right away and it needs to be put in a more upfront spot since it’s such an important key for people to understand what and what not to do. if it was in its own category of some sorts or at the top bar but instead in its own box it would be allot easier and a lot less obscure than where it currently is. it would be A lot more useful to A lot of people if it was moved. It needs to change.
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