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  1. Accepted A reminder that we generally prefer clips in YouTube format
  2. Cruxin

    VALORANT Game Night

    Custom games run by Neiguex and Cruxin https://forms.gle/uBideVPN74Q1yLEF8
  3. Denied While this submission is entertaining, the video quality is very lacking, to the point of unsuability.
  4. until
    Night of various Jackbox games, exclusive to donator members.
  5. if u do not vote for me then i will be very sad hahahahahahahahahahah jk im always sad
  6. Why must you make the world a worse place
  7. for the love of god dont get small fish i had some in a tank and they died so fucking often, it eventually became a morbid routine of cleaning out their bodies and going out to buy new ones, i dont know why my parents let that shit go on for so long
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