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  1. for the love of god dont get small fish i had some in a tank and they died so fucking often, it eventually became a morbid routine of cleaning out their bodies and going out to buy new ones, i dont know why my parents let that shit go on for so long
  2. Don't come crying back to me when all your teeth fall out and you cant eat anything but soup
  3. why the fuck would you put those little shits of satan in your nice bread
  4. nice cool glass of water with maybe some ice
  5. wait this game has separate playable characters?
  6. It was before the donation rework. Now that Mega is $10 a month rather than a hard $75, Rainbow SL tag has been lowered to a cumulative $100.
  7. i will play with smonk for balancing :)
  8. where is shrekoning who is this shredoning guy smh my head
  9. On 13th of April, 4 kids play sburb homestuck reference that none of you will get but basically a webcomic where a bunch of kids play an rpg that causes the end of the world and the comic started in and is set in april
  10. it's nice to see a new face around! welcome, samael!
  11. but now i cant alliterate stinky sam anymore
  12. hi guys its me. y'all know me by now cuz this is kinda late but hi im cruxin, a communist fuck no uh Community Staff i like gameing and i guess sometimes do art when my crippling lack of motivation doesnt stop me i'm still in high school so expect availability during certain hours to be erratic big reveal - my first name is Grady y'all this is public on my steam page my discord DMs are generally open so feel free to speak to me whenever ok im rambling i dunno what else to write uh it's pronounced crucks-in bye
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