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  1. Hello for those who don't know me I'm Jaylink, I am an epic gamer and I love to have fun in games and just generally relax by playing them. Which is why I hate nuts. Now I decided to do one of these things for the like 3 people who don't know me (You should I'm an epic gamer.) and let them know a little about me. I have two dogs, Derick and Darrell, they're both dipshits and I love them. I usually play Destiny 2 or SCP:SL on pantheon server 1 so if you're playing these I might see you in game. I feel like I come across as rude to most people (mainly because of discord messages) but I really am just joking around unfortunately on computers/phones it's hard to tell the difference between a joke and a serious comment. If I ever say something maybe slightly offensive please don't take it to heart because I don't mean to be... well, mean most of the time. Now I have a few policies about how I speak and act #1 I'll only say something to you if I am willing to say it to your face. #2 treat people the way you wish to be treated. And yeah that about does it I hope anyone who doesn't know me finds this informative and I'll see you sometime in game.
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