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  1. This is my farewell to you all, I’m not leaving pantheon because of the community or any specific people. I had a great time in this discord talking to, and playing games with all of you. Instead I’m leaving because of a major decline in my mental health. For a long time I’ve suffered from crippling social anxiety, depression. This has affected my life in so many negative ways, for me pantheon was a place where I could try to overcome the anxiety and make some new friends, all the while making myself happier by playing games and talking with them. The unfortunate thing is that right as I got comfortable in the community and finally got to know a fair amount of people, a lot of them decided to leave. This meant trying to readjust to all the new people joining and it just wasn’t working. I’ve been here for a while now and I can safely say that joining this server was one of the best choices I’ve made. Thank you all for making pantheon a great place, it’s because of you that I enjoyed myself here. But now it’s time for me to move on. And who knows, maybe I’ll be back, but until then… Farewell
  2. You can only manipulate vector from despicable me I want to be able to spontaneously combust
  3. I’ve got the Canon PIXMA MegaTank A4 Colour Inkjet MFC Printer G3610
  4. I’d likely play the server and as such I have a few suggestions, with Dino health and damage resistance I feel like an increase to damage resistance by 3-4x could be a bit high and would probably be better at maybe 2x depending on how the stats are set to improve per level, the health boost is fine but if they were to get more health and were more resistant to damage it would become quite difficult to fight them especially if the wild Dino’s max levels are set quite high. I feel like having no flyers makes the game a bit more challenging and fun in a PvE sense, after all if you can just fly over everything what’s even the point, of course some people may think otherwise. For the map it should really be decided by a poll or just whatever you think would be best, crystal isles may be a fun map especially if doing it without flying tames, but in the end it’s really your decision on what to do.
  5. Making you pay the fine for your crimes against skyrim
  6. You can get any sized from coke from McDonald’s for just $1 and with our brand new frozen flavours coke combinations you can do more than ever before, especially with the knee frozen deluxe range offering frozen soft drinks with ice cream and sprinkles on the top. So coke on down to your local McDonald’s today and order yourself some delicious frozen drinks. I’m loving it
  7. My top artist was FalKKonE, my top song was FalKKonE’s Black Flame of Calamity and my top genre was modern rock
  8. How many robux do you own?
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