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  1. roblox is in get roles but coc isnt. this is bullshit
  2. Howdy Gamers, It's a siege new season, and with that, a new tournament! A 3v3 tournament following ranked style settings, with a custom map pool. A first place prize of a year 5 pass to each team member is up for grabs, and if you already have/don't want the pass, you can get an item of equivalent or lesser value instead. This time we've taken the liberty of giving everyone a few weeks notice, as the tournament is currently planned for the weekend of the 25th and 26th of July. All the information you could possibly need can be found in the following links, and any follow up ques
  3. Declined You were automatically banned for teamkilling, the ban is only a few hours, just wait it out.
  4. you missed the deez nuts manager, i am sorry this is not acceptable, you are fired
  5. granted but it will be overplayed and be remembered as the dance monkey 2.0 I wish for a CAT 789D Off-Highway Mining Truck
  6. Granted but it doesn't work I wish for the new iPhone se
  7. pet rock require very little maintenance but you might need to get another one as they get lonely.
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