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  1. Thats a Joe Swanson moment when you don't know how to add signatures never mind I figured it out
  2. C# and HTML/CSS/Javascript Learnt HTML/CSS/Javascript for my IST class and then trying to learn C# along with Blender so I can make stuff in Unity
  3. What is everyones favourite food/meal? (I’m just curious to see what people like to eat) I personally really enjoy a nice Chicken Schnitzel with Mash Potato and Vegetables as sides, and smooth warm Gravy poured on top.
  4. Avatar the Last Airbender
  5. 4 way tie between Halo 2 Anniversary, Warframe, Sea of Thieves and Journey. I don't think I'd be able to pick just one of them
  6. Decided to try my hand at starting a topic, I want people in this community to get to know each other better so here we go... What is something or multiple things interesting about yourself that other people don't know? I'll start things off with something/s about me; I played Soccer for 8 years I really enjoy wholesome and beautiful games that hit you right in the feelie wheelies with their visuals, audio and story like Unravel and Journey I have a scar on my left foot from an injury 10 years ago Now it's your turn whoever replies to this!
  7. You see Carpo my dear duck, a burger is generally a circular sandwich containing two pieces of bread on top and bottom with various salads and meat placed between, both sandwiches and burgers are exactly the same, you could put all the ingredients for a hamburger between two normal slice of bread and it would be a ham sandwich, the only defining difference is a hamburger is circular and rather than having a piece of ham on it, it contains a beef patty. The moment you remove the circular aspect of the burger it would just be considered a sandwich with a beef patty on it for some reason. To
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