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  1. Facts also keep me safe, you will NEVER be able to prove me wrong.
  2. Alright cunt lets do this then. First off, the fact you had to pull definition 3 for crackers as opposed to using the first definition for biscuits speaks enough volumes on its own. Your experience of the difference between crackers and biscuits is absolutely accurate. However based on your response I can see you clearly have never had this specific brand. I find these savories hold more flavor on their own than most other biscuits, I would it is hard to choose a favorite between Chicken Crimpy biscuits and these Fantastic ones. Now I personally believe it utterly kills to mix these Fantastic savories with anything else, and should purely be enjoyed on their own. However for the psychopaths out there they do appear on platters. Perhaps they are both a biscuit and a cracker, but you fail to make an argument against crackers just being a sub-category of biscuits, so I assume you agree. Overall, calling those "CrAcKeRs" biscuits is not fucking wrong so you can shove your Cheese Platter rule up your ass and I recommend you go out and try a pack just to comprehend the level of flavor these magnificent creations hold. I have every right to call it a biscuit and you will never convince me otherwise, you should be ashamed of yourself for the fact you have never tried one of these biscuits.
  3. So yesterday I had an argument with TheApprentice about the fact I called these so called "crackers" biscuits. The "crackers" in question are as seen below. The only thing about it is the fact that crackers is in the name, otherwise I see no reason to not call this a biscuit. Besides, when you go to the shops to buy "crackers", what isle do you go to? The biscuit isle, since there is no dedicated cracker isle. Henceforth fuck your incorrect opinion Apprentice, crackers are just a sub-category of biscuits.
  4. These first three are what I like to call the war criminal saga, containing three clips, the main one (first clip) and two other perspectives. The Great War Criminal Arrest and Execution.mp4 WILFREDWOOSH.mp4 spaz.mp4 The rest of these clips are a random collection of my favourites, enjoy! Chaos Jumpscare.mp4 Dog Afton burns in hell.mp4 I MISSED.mp4 IM SO FUCKED.mp4 Lunch Smites The Pantheon Community.mp4 NTF connection terminated.mp4 Sky absolutely fucking dies.mp4 SMALL MAN.mp4 Spastic Game Start.mp4 Stell Goes To The Moon.mp4 Suprise.mp4 THAT ISNT MICHAEL_Trim.mp4 You think you are safe.mp4 You've met a tragic fate.mp4 Zombie Hate Crime.mp4 Thanks for watching and I hope these clips give you a good laugh <3
  5. The forbidden Stell, your first pantheon friend was who got me into SCP:SL. My god am I thankful for that, since I got to meet incredible people such as yourself. You've always been, and always will be, a great friend of mine. Someone who brought me countless smiles, laughs and wheezes, and I hope my jokes, absolutely chaotic and retarded behavior brings the same joy. Thank you for being part of the community, and part of my life. You helped make the greatest memories I have in Pantheon, take care Tails <3
  6. Good evening people of Pantheon, I've never really been one for forum posting other than my ban appeals, but I think an introduction to who I really am would be a good idea. I am a reasonably old member of Pantheon dating back to late 2019/early 2020 and played for a good portion of time before disappearing due to bans or life getting in the way, now playing the game every so often when I get the chance to. Many of you who have played by my side on the servers know me as quite the chaotic shitposter, often making jokes, getting angry for a laugh, poking the limits of rules but overall trying to entertain the people around me. In reality I am, 19 years old, I work in sales and warehousing five days a week as well as working for a mowing company every second Saturday. I have also been acting in theatre for 12 years, only deciding to pursue acting as a career in 2018, since then appearing in 10 productions and recently making my first step into film as an extra for a movie. I appreciate you reading a bit more about me and I look forward to causing a little chaos with you all in game! Cheers, Wilfred.
  7. Name: Zombie Wilfred SteamID64 (if applicable): https://steamcommunity.com/id/ZombieWilfred/ Server: All servers What was the reason for your ban?: Excessive Toxicity How long was the duration of the ban?: 30 days Who were you banned by?: Yoinkerr Why do you believe you should be unbanned?: I have reflected on my behavior on that night and understand I did not go about things the right way in any sense. I understand I pushed the limits too far, misunderstood player intentions as well as taking my humor too far and have since spoken to, and made up with the one who was involved. I won't name who I was talking to on the night that resulted in my ban but I had seen them in the server frequently and was joke-complaining about them killing me when they responded with "have a cry bro, have a cry" which I mistakenly took as an invitation for some banter, where I started with a horrendous set of statements (the parts that were clipped) that then delved into meme-ranting that was supposed to lighten the mood and amuse all those involved, I had no genuine intent or malice in what I said to them. However I now understand that joke or not, what I said pushed the limits too far and I will refrain from using such vocabulary going forward and ensure any jokes I do make are received clearer. I do not wish to genuinely cause harm or spread hatred within the community, I apologize once again for my actions.
  8. Name: Zombie Wilfred SteamID64: Steam_0:1:124749191 Server: Discord Server Ban Reason: Fighting with management, ban evasion via alt account and abusing broken channel permissions Ban Length: Permanent Banned by: Destris/Logi? Why should you be unbanned?: I understand what I did was not the right thing to do. I felt as if I was being intentionally targeted by Logitar and Destris and didn’t like the thought of that happening, which is still no excuse for my actions. I had felt like Logi and Destris were looking for the slightest incident to ban me which is my reasoning for bringing that alt account onto the server in case such a thing happened, which again, 100% not the right thing to do in that situation and I did end up using it to attack logi+dest more after the ban I got for abusing the broken channel for a second time (although the first incident, I did abuse it a lot, which is something I should not have done at all). My reasoning as to why I did what I did on that day, is because I felt the 6 hour mute Logi gave me for “spam” was unfair as I wasn’t breaking any rules after you asked myself and Neig to stop spamming, to which I made the joke “I think he should… say please” and copped that 6 hour mute. But that aside, my actions the couple days before and after wasn’t the right way to handle things and I have now realised that. I am incredibly sorry for the behaviour I portrayed. If I could please re-join the wonderful community of pantheon, I swear to put everything I had felt against Logi and Dest behind me and make a fresh start. No more loophole abuse and no more personally attacking/fighting with management. I'll make sure to take more care of my actions and keep in line.
  9. Name: Zombie Wilfred SteamID64: Steam_0:1:124749191 Server: Discord Server Ban Reason: Being a fuckwit? never was told a definitive reason Ban Length: Permanent Banned by: Destris/Logi? Why should you be unbanned?: I would like to rejoin the community and promise not be a scheming bastard or exploit broken channel perms
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