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  1. Heard you guys love hearing my pain and struggles in SCP, so here you go. Love, TailsTheTrashFo
  2. Here you go Neiguex, you have your funny
  3. Who knows when the mad man will stop sending clips? Love, TailsTheTrashFo
  4. Here you go, red cuties. As always, Love TailsTheTrashFo
  5. My final and truest form
  6. Figured you guys love to see my suffering in-game, compiled a few clips into one little thing. Love, TailsTheTrashFo
  7. Here's another you beautiful Comm staff Love TailsTheTrashFo
  8. Here's another clip for you Neiguex Love, TailsTheTrashFo
  9. Here's your clip, Neiguex Love, TailsTheTrashFo
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