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  1. 05/09/2019. That fateful day is when I first joined. Days prior I remember Three Dots nagging me to join the discord, then the staff team. I miss the guy honestly. When I first joined, my very first friend was a man who can't be named because his name is probably banned, starts with St, rhymes with Bell. Nearly 3 whole years you have been a part of my life, I've seen changes, been through staff, had to leave for personal reasons that people seem to forget. But that's besides the point. I've seen many many things over my years in Pantheon, I graduated from high school and entered the real world, lost a job and had to deal with the loss of a loved one while I was in Pantheon. I've had many mental health issues that many may not see clearly, though many do know of due to my ranting on occasion. But that's all because I crumble under pressure. Back then, people cared, and everyone mattered to each other. We held our friendships close, and we bonded over video games. Together we all built the Pantheon Community, a place where I once sought comfort in the love of my friends, in the love of the community. But things changed. As all things do. Questionable decisions that hurt me, questionable actions that hadn't been accounted for, and strange occurrences that even I was too afraid to speak out for. You've all known me at the start as the funny man who gets scared all the time, then you all knew me as the Peakus clone, and then, I solidified myself as a shitposter. Though what am I now? No, I'm not going to be your morality guide, showing people 'what not to do'. Something that people don't realise now, is that I never mean to hurt anyone, I try to rectify my actions if I have caused personal damage. My intentions were mostly comedic, though I usually wouldn't be afraid to step in if I thought there was unjust or unfairness in decision making. 08/08/2021, is when I leave. Though, considering how the community is now, none of you will care. I have come to terms with that. I'm not as evil as you may think, my morals and ethics and my intentions are convoluted, but that is all part of the character. I don't believe I will be coming back, or maybe I will? Depends on how I feel. Not even I know, and that's the mysteriousness about me in Pantheon, and the reason why I keep everyone on edge. Perhaps I will make something of myself? Perhaps I'll crumble to the sands of time. Doesn't matter, to a select few, I know you'll remember me forever, for I was the one that kept you smiling, and for others, kept you frowning. Things have changed too much for my liking, somehow, I believe there is more toxicity than before, though this time it is sinister and insidious, though not hidden enough for me to not feel it. Perhaps if I ever come back, things will be better, and perhaps people will have a mentality of accepting change in a person. But for now, this is my goodbye. Run on, friends. Let your pace forever be quick, and your adventures forever enjoyable. - TailsTheTrashFo
  2. -1 Too good for this world :(
  3. I had a pretty banger pasta bake the other day, I think that's my favourite moment in history
  4. Depends on how I'm feeling, but I'll always enjoy a good a lasagna
  5. I want all of you to describe 3 things in a separate sentence for each question. What do you think of me? What do you think other people think of you? What do you think about yourself?
  6. My user was a result of the XBOX username character limit, I was originally going to be called TailsTheTrashFox as an homage to my childhoo hero, the "Trash" comes from an excuse for me to perform terribly in videogames, and instead of thinking of a new clever username. I just dropped the X at the end, and it just kinda stuck. TailsTheTrashFo sounds wayyy better than TailsTheTrashFox.
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