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  1. Dear Pantheon, As to no-one's surprise I have been fairly inactive for a couple months now. Sure, I may be around now and then but I think it’s safe to say that my interest in Pantheon and SCP Secret Laboratory have suddenly dropped over the past 4-5 months. I've been in Pantheon for just over a year and my time here has been nothing but great, but I’m afraid my time has come. I just want to thank everyone like Lachchoc, Tree, Luca, Gyro and many more for a great time. I have never had such attachment to a community like this before and just want to thank everyone who made that possible. However, I’m afraid that my life is changing and I have to change with it. My little time on the staff team was great and I was honored to be a part of that. On that note, in order to not get too sentimental I will have to end it here. Goodbye, The Most Cringiest Lord, Cryptic
  2. Will miss you bud, I wish that the team were under better circumstances right now or I think many of us wouldn't retire. I hope you have a fun time in another discord! ^_^
  3. Riding round in a rover, when I see OP's than it's over. I'll send man straight to the hover, when I take shots like M Sharrah Pover. Doing up tennis, call man Dennis I'm a menace. Doing up olives in Venice, big man ting I'm bigger than Bennis. Stop it. Otherwise like unknown P might bash mans head down like a boppit. So make like a Freddo and hop it. Your girl if 4 foot 4 and bare hair on her toes like a hobbit.
  4. This cli- Audio Jungle.
  5. I know where you live now, see you soon. ;)
  6. Why am I in the back. What the fuck.
  7. I will come over to New Zealand and make you kiss a woman, shut mouth.
  8. Hello Drivoyki lets get started shall we. Age/Maturity You're like 9 so too young for discord and steam smh. Extremely immature, like dafaq calling me cringe on intercom. BANNED Discord/In-game Activity: Like 3 messages in discord, cmon bruh. 2.5 hours in-game, pretty good imo Seen you like once in-game, you called me cringe on intercom so I perm ban you, gottem. Application: Didn't even follow template, just free wrote, pretty gamer. Who is ya boi? Final Verdict: -1 Just get good smh
  9. A lizard dummy dumb dumb head
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