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  1. Video Submissions Information The revival of the Pantheon YouTube channel is here. Submit your gaming clips/and or thumbnails to be shared with the wider community! Submission Rules: Clips must abide by the Pantheon server rules. You must be capturing moments in the Pantheon Community. In order for your clip to be accepted the audio and video quality needs to be of a good standard. Clips shouldn't encourage going against rules on any of the servers. Music cannot be included in clips, however sound-effects can. Clips should be no longer than 3-4 minutes long as we will be compiling all the clips into one large moments video. Inappropriate submitter names will be rejected from video submission as users are credited. Submission Process: Upload your video to YouTube as either unlisted or public. Get the link to your video and post it in the “Video submissions” sub-category on the forums. In the post make sure you add your Name (discord or steam) so we can credit you in the video! Community Staff will moderate the submissions to see if they abide by the rules set out and will be either accepted or denied. If you would like further information or have a question in regards to the above, please message a Community Staff member.
  2. Community Highlights #5 has just premiered on our Youtube Channel! This edition of Community Highlights was created by Community Staff member, Magnetman. We have also reopened the video submissions section on the forums! Submit a clip from any of our core games to be featured in the Pantheon Community Highlights!
  3. The prizes have been modified due to constraints.
  4. Join in for some GTA V mayhem and madness with Wubble.
  5. Collection of unreleased, finished & unfinished ideas and n' bass bangers pls like follow n subscribe
  6. This Saturday, Invincabl3 will be hosing an event for you! Gartic Telephone is an online game that mixes Pictionary with the Telephone game (the game where you whisper into the next person's ear all the way round the group and compare the original phrase to what was whispered) but with many game modes that can alter the game mechanics.
  7. until
    Left 4 Dead 2 - Friday 13th @ 5PM AEST GMod Murder - Friday 13th @ 8pm AEST Phasmophobia - Saturday 14th @ 3PM AEST Horror Movie Night - Saturday 14th @ 5PM AEST Light Bearers - Sunday 15th @ 5pm AEST Dead by Daylight - Sunday 15th @ 8pm AEST
  8. Pantheon Community Photo Competition Winners Thank you to everyone who entered the photography competition. We received a lot of entries for this comeptition and overall we are satisfied with the outcome. We deliberated over the entries and discussed the composition, lighting, framing, image quality and subject matter of the photos and have selected our winners! The winners are to contact the Community Manager about receiving their prizes. Best Animal/Pet Winner - Lunch Runner up Jonathon Runner up Fano23 Best Nature Winner - Flux Runner up Canny Runner up TheCube Best Urban Winner - Iso Sheep Runner up Lukec182 Runner up Invincable3 Best Video Game Screenshot Winner - Drivoyki3 Runner up Colakid Runner up Eksyle3 Staff Pick Winner - Canny
  9. Who would play if a server was put up? Main focus is on PvE and roleplay. Full difficulty, Dinos to have 3-4x health and damage resistance. Undecided on map. Crystal Isles? The Island? No flyers?? Increase resource harvest and health rates to 6-8x but also increase node respawn time to 60-80x normal. Any other ideas or suggestions? Server may be up some time next month.
  10. Pantheon Community - Karaoke Competition Information Do you think you're a rock-star? Are you vocally-gifted? It's time to crack your voice box and to sing in front of your computer screen to a crowd of people in a discord channel! We're hosting a karaoke competition on February 14th at 4PM AEST. Everyone is free to enter and the best performers will win prizes! Contestants will be judged by the community staff team. The first place winner will receive a $20 Steam gift card, 1 month of Discord Nitro & a custom discord role. The second place winner will receive 1 month of Discord Nitro and the 3rd place winner will receive 1 month of Discord Nitro Classic. Click here to signup! Competition Guidelines Songs must not be any longer than 3 minutes. Solo's only. No duets or trios or barbershop quartets. Music must be SFW. Anyone entering as a joke will be disqualified. Volume must be at an appropriate level. You can play a backing track as long as the volume doesn't drown out your performance.
  11. until
    It's time for some party-game madness and Wubble is hosting a Pummel Party session Jan 8th @ 7PM AEST. Use the signup form below! You will not need to own the game as it will be hosted through remote play on steam, however, you will need your own controller to be able to play. Max 8 players per game. https://forms.gle/XWqx4iyXwjaxYCWB9
  12. Pantheon Community - Talent Show Competition #2 Information Hello ladies and gentlemen! The Pantheon Talent Show is making its second comeback! Here's your chance to prove how talented you are to the community. The signups will be running from the 19th till the 23rd of October and will commence on the 24th at 12pm AEST. Everyone who participates will receive the role, Quite Talented, whilst our 1st place winner will earn a custom discord role for a period of 1 month, alongside a $25 dollar steam card. 2nd and 3rd place will both receive a $10 steam gift card. Competitors will be scored out of 40 with our three judges scoring out of 10. The audience will also have a chance to score out of 10 through a straw poll, any ties for the top 3 positions will be decided by a community vote. Competition Rules Your performance shouldn't go for longer than 5-6 minutes. Nothing that goes against Pantheon’s Rules and Discord's TOS. Acts must be completed alone and without cooperation from other contestants. Acts are limited to one per person. Content must be at an appropriate volume.
  13. Pantheon Community - Discord Animated Logo & Banner Competition Information It's time again to show off your artistic skills to the rest of the community! Pantheon is hosting an animated Discord logo, and new banner competition for anyone to participate in. With the limit of one animated logo, and one banner, you can submit your entries into the #competition-entries channel where the community can upvote entries. Votes will be taken into consideration, however the final decision will be made by the judges being community staff, and Pantheon leadership. This competition will be open for 3 weeks, starting now and ending on the 10th of October with the winners being announced around this date. Design Brief The logo should be animated and must somewhat resemble the current Pantheon logo. The banner only needs to be identifiable to the Pantheon discord server. Our colours are gold (#efa939), blue (#1a88ff) & grey. You aren't limited to using these. There is a logo template you can download to help with your creations, check the attached PSD on this forum post. Prizes Logo Winner: Custom Discord Role (1 Month) Steam Giftcard ($25) Discord Nitro (1 Month) Banner Winner: Custom Discord Role (1 Month) Steam Giftcard ($25) Discord Nitro (1 Month) Entry Conditions Nothing that goes against Pantheon’s Rules and Discord TOS for instance NSFW or excessively offensive/hateful content. Joke / meme submissions will result in a removal from the competition. Logos must be at least 512 x 512 px and preferably animated Banners must be at least 960 x 540 px (16:9) Keep the top 48px of the image fairly simple and free of any busy imagery. (See below image) main_logo.psd Main Logo - Image.zip
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