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  1. If you could sum up how you have been feeling this past week with 1 song, which would it be? for me i'd say this cover; https://youtu.be/TFvP6vZkU1M
  2. totally going to "not" put this in highlights before staff even accepts it :trollformation: but fr tho i'm just gonna wait until red man posts green or red text
  3. had a fps hiccup which alerted me to a chaos spawn prior
  4. it appears we have recorded evidence of SCP-372 inside SL
  5. Detriment for above: you can only say 20 words every hour. The ability to control probability; any weakness i get i can instantly remove
  6. watched a frisky video watched some other videos got game and joined a youtubers discord played game and joined pantheon servers joined the discord all on the same day
  7. For me i wouldn't mind traveling to either Germany or Switzerland and visit castles and view their landscapes
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