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  1. unacceptable i still see no deez nuts manager
  2. God adds a /warp plugin and allows one /setwarp. 1. /warp home 2. /stop Which one?
  3. Lunch is literally in your name
  4. If I'm being honest, I choose to avoid both of them. However, on the odd chance that I do decide to eat one, here are the following conditions followed by some pro's and con's. 1. I have received them as a gift and it would be impolite not to indulge myself. 2. I am starving and there is nothing left in the kitchen to eat. 3. I am stopping by a service station or small outlet and decide to grab a small snack. 4. I have had a shitty workday, and have decided to eat everything in the house in self pity. Pro's and Con's Pro - Both provide a sticky, tasty surprise you just really can't find anywhere else. Con - This 'stickiness' gets in your teeth and can provide for some embarrassing situations in front of others. Pro - It is a quick refreshing snack when you're on the go. Con - It is common that after eating these chocolates that your mouth becomes dry, providing minor discomfort. In Conclusion As I already stated, I don't typically enjoy either of these sugary treats, but if I had to choose, I would give Mars the +1.
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