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  1. Hey lachchoc lets get started.... Loa
  2. Hey gamers, I will be hosting some Left 4 Dead 2 versus mode this Saturday the 8th at 3pm. Left 4 dead 2's Versus mode is a team based game where the monsters must kill everyone while the survivors must escape. Will you side with the monsters, or flee as a survivor? If you are interested in playing sign up below! Signup link: https://authbot.xyz/pantheon/signup Signup Code: 5524577
  3. Lucacappa

    Jackbox Event

    Hey gamers I will be hosting Jackbox on Saturday on the 10th of April at 4pm AEST. To Play the game go to Jackbox.tv and enter the code that will be shown on my discord stream, can you get in and be the funniest come join to find out! If you're interested sign up below. Code: 1653865 Form Link: https://authbot.xyz/pantheon/signup
  4. SCPSL_2021-02-11_19-36-49.mp4 1869509067_SCPSL_2021-02-17_21-18-36(1)(online-video-cutter.com).mp4
  5. Hello I am Luca nice to meet you. Goodbye.
  6. when you sound younger then me
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