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  3. Jailbreak is a gamemode that possesses similarities to Cops & Robbers where there are two teams, The Prison Guards and The Prisoners. The Guards have to order around the Prisoners to do various tasks and games. The Prisoners must either follow their orders as closely as possible, or try to escape and fight back in rebellious ways. Important Changes from the last JB session: * Shifted to a fork of the original gamemode that features several new additions and bugfixes * A selection of new maps to play, in addition to updated versions of existing ones ** To allow us to test out a wider range of maps, the rounds-per-map will be changed to 5 for this session * You will now receive a small notification if you enter/exit a Guard-only zone * The sensitivity for being branded a 'rebel Prisoner' has been changed from killing a Guard to harming a Guard * Fists now deal knockback * I will also set up the server's MoTD to display the server rules, as well as general information about the gamemode and its features for easy access Having Counter-Strike: Source mounted is highly recommended. If you do not have the game installed, download the game content from here and follow the installation instructions: https://gmodcontent.com/
  4. Accepted (x24) Declined Clip #19 [Violation of Pantheon SCPSL Rule 9b: "Class-D and Scientists can cooperate but may not assist in killing their own."]
  5. TacticalSuicide.webm
  6. until
    Deathrun is a gamemode on Garry's Mod where there's a large obstacle course with death traps scattered through it that the Runner team must attempt to cross. The Death team has to try and activate these traps to kill off the Runner team before they can finish the course.
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