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  1. I liked 50 first dates as the main actor was very cool and attractive, dunno who he is though.
  2. Pantheon Community - Sticker Competition Information Recently Discord has added a new feature for server owners in the form of stickers, they are similar to emoji but are larger and have a higher quality. As such we are hosting a new competition to see the sorts of stickers that the community can make and have the winners’ creations added to the server. The competition begins today and will end on the 25th of July. Winners will be chosen based on a mixture of votes given by the community and a decision made by the community staff team. Prizes All winners will have their sticker added to the server 1st place: $25 steam gift card + 1 month of discord nitro + Custom discord role for 1 month 2nd place: $10 steam gift card + 1 month of discord nitro 3rd place: $10 steam gift card How to Submit Join our Discord Server and post your submission in the #competition-entries channel. Rules Maximum of 2 submissions per person (only one will be eligible for prizes). Must be your own original creation. May not be an existing emote on the Pantheon Community discord server. No user-specific submissions. All submissions should be 320x320 pixels, not exceed 60fps and below 500kb in size. Submissions must be in PNG or APNG formats. Must abide by discord TOS and Pantheon server rules. Submissions should be related to Pantheon Community and/or our core games. No joke submissions. Submissions that violate the rules will be removed.
  3. Always wanted to go to Norway personally, dunno how id deal with the cold but the scenery is brilliant.
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