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  1. Now that youre banned at least this now wasnt just a complete cry for attention
  2. I shall now be leaving the server just kidding pee pee heads that stalk the forums so that they can make a big fuss over every single time someone makes a far well Im here to stay mfer Lizard forever
  3. Lizard

    TableTop Simulator

    Hey gamers, On Friday I will be running Tabletop Simulator! Tabletop Simulator is, just as the name implies, a simulator of a tabletop, it allows one to play a variety of tabletop games from card games like UNO to board games like monopoly and anything in that vein due to the steam workshop. If you are going to participate in this event and have suggestions for good workshop games we could play feel free to dm @Lizard#4723 on discord the link to the file on the workshop. Hope to see you guys there! Date: Friday the 21st of January at 7pm AEST
  4. Clips 9 and 12 are DECLINED for violating the micspam and teaming rules respectively All other clips are ACCEPTED FOR FUTURE UPLOADS FEATURING MULTIPLE CLIPS PLEASE NUMBER THEM IN THE POST
  5. Lizard

    SCP:SL Private Events


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