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  1. Okay so yes this is FoxTamer34, who remembered his account existed I’ve been playing SL since megapatch 2, didnt play for a year cause I couldn’t run scopo without exactly 2 fps, got a better pc and now if you ever see me in a game either I’ve been in that server for at least 3 hours or I’m going to be in that server for the next 6, there is no in between with me. I made this account in like June of 2020 then didnt remember the forums existed for 2 years. I also like asking questions. About everything. Lots of questions. Doggo is my favourite scp. Big red dog goes woof and people die, the best kind of combo. That’s all i can think of, but lizard if you post that goose then I’ll dm you with a dead meme, so be warned
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