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  1. Name: Minirow SteamID64 (if applicable): DiscordID (if applicable): 707097320541650975 Server: Pantheon What was the reason for your based?: I'm built different How long was the duration of the based?: 58 days. Who were you based on?: Based on a true story. Why do you believe you should be unbased?: I don't, lmao. Seethe and cope. Henlo pepol. My name is minrw and im new to Panten. I like making frens and being happy and making people happy and happiness. It's only been 58 days since I left, but I'm back again baybee. I'm 18, English and do sound/graphic design as a hobby along with cinematography and post production. I've been editing for about 10 years, and like to work on random projects every now and again. There's not too much point in me doing a proper introduction, since most of the active members here are the same as they were before. So yeah. Intro done... You can go now.
  2. There we go. I finally get to see this place used in 2021 for something more than memes or quick intros. Funny how I didn't think I'd be the one to leave, but here we are. You'll probably all talk to me at some point if you're reading this, or won't want to at all. God, how polar the internet is. Pantheon has basically been my only "home" on the internet, so thanks for all of that. I'm not leaving because of a specific member or because the community is intrinsically toxic, but just how the staff team generally functions. It's sometimes good and sometimes bad, and I'm tired of that emotional pendulum. Wave (surprisingly) actually made quite a good point here. I doubt anyone will actually really care or remember me, It is the internet after all. Thanks to some of you for being good friends, or in Tree's case (accidental) daughter. :P Such a shame that the podcast and tournament didn't work out properly either. Better luck to whoever else picks up something like that in the future. Lach's good with stuff like that. For regular ol' members reading, I do suggest trying to voice your opinions a little more. If there's a change you want to see, or a problem you have, just post it in #discord-suggestions (using the proper format) and see what other people think there. Anyway, that's that. The time has come. Sayonara amigos etcetera etcetera. (It occurs to me now that this'll post in off-topic, so IDK. Pretend that isn't here. I would've preferred to say nothing as I left, but it would also feel weird just not saying goodbye. Oh, and sorry Sky for making you have to deal with removing my tags and roles from here.) <:MR_CatBop:803074402370453504>
  3. But the zinger stacks you instead. I want to have no powers.
  4. Luca will be hosting a gaming session for Goose Goose Duck this Saturday. For all who don't know, Goose Goose duck is a free to play deception game similar to Among us, Goose Goose Duck has various roles you can play as and its very own proxy chat. Find out who the ducks are or try and blend in with the Geese. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1568590/Goose_Goose_Duck/
  5. until
    Monstrum 2 is a new and fun gaming where you play as prisoners trying to escape a labyrinth, or as a monster hunting the humans down. It has 5 player rounds and is great with friends. Check it out here: https://store.steampowered.com/app/109317
  6. You go so fast your heart can't keep up I want the power to take whatever power the next person wants but better
  7. i wake up like normal. groggy and crabby. my wife is in the other room. when i stand up, she can hear my lard smacking on the ground. “what are you going to do today, giuseppe” she sputters out in a stuttering, dissatisfied tone. my sallow face slowly looks to my $2000 gaming PC. euphoria washes over my blubberous body. “i’m going to-“ my voice is coarse. after 2 oily coughs i’m ready to get my point across. “i’m going to groom 14 year old asian girls on the internet.” my wife looks at me with the same scared, dissociative glare she usually uses on me. i am none the wiser. i pull my my little pony chair on, put on my steven universe headphones, and boot up discord. here it is. greatness

  8. But all you get is a super gag reflex and now you can't eat anything. I choose the ability to take away other people's powers. >:)
  9. Today marks a special day, as this post officially rolls the forums over to 1000 posts! Despite what some may say, we are indeed gaming.
  10. SL doesn't care. You clearly don't play SL enough :Trolld: That isn't good justification. The game doesn't get frequent updates, and support for 30 series isn't a priority for now. No, they aren't fully supported, and I doubt that'll change any time soon. I have a 2070 and I get anywhere from 30 to 150fps on max settings depending on the player-count, but usually averaging 30-50.
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