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  1. I can't remember any good Smods in recent history outside of Camo and not_huubert?
  2. Gartic Phone is a cross between the telephone game and pictionary where you are given a prompt of either an image or a short phrase, you then have to draw the prompt or write what you thing you see and then your creation is given to the next player as their prompt and at the end you create an abomination compared to where you began. In this event, we plan on running a few fun rounds for everyone to play in. Hope to see you there! Gartic Phone can be accessed free at https://garticphone.com
  3. Good luck with everything, and enjoy the new monitor. 👀
  4. Welcome back to the community Stell. Your application seems to have more detail than most, which is always good. Your experience and history are also fine, and I'm glad you've changed since that 2020 period. As for the rest, carpentry is a really cool job I used to be interested in, and I love all of the games you listed. Finally, my day has been great and thanks for asking. Overall, the application for member is decent and I feel inclined to give it a +1.
  5. Write a public message on your own feed...

  6. Thank you for everything and good luck.
  7. Name: Minirow SteamID64 (if applicable): DiscordID (if applicable): 707097320541650975 Server: Pantheon What was the reason for your based?: I'm built different How long was the duration of the based?: 58 days. Who were you based on?: Based on a true story. Why do you believe you should be unbased?: I don't, lmao. Seethe and cope. Henlo pepol. My name is minrw and im new to Panten. I like making frens and being happy and making people happy and happiness. It's only been 58 days since I left, but I'm back again baybee. I'm 18, English and do sound/graphic design as a hobby along with cinematography and post production. I've been editing for about 10 years, and like to work on random projects every now and again. There's not too much point in me doing a proper introduction, since most of the active members here are the same as they were before. So yeah. Intro done... You can go now.
  8. There we go. I finally get to see this place used in 2021 for something more than memes or quick intros. Funny how I didn't think I'd be the one to leave, but here we are. You'll probably all talk to me at some point if you're reading this, or won't want to at all. God, how polar the internet is. Pantheon has basically been my only "home" on the internet, so thanks for all of that. I'm not leaving because of a specific member or because the community is intrinsically toxic, but just how the staff team generally functions. It's sometimes good and sometimes bad, and I'm tired of that emotional pendulum. Wave (surprisingly) actually made quite a good point here. I doubt anyone will actually really care or remember me, It is the internet after all. Thanks to some of you for being good friends, or in Tree's case (accidental) daughter. :P Such a shame that the podcast and tournament didn't work out properly either. Better luck to whoever else picks up something like that in the future. Lach's good with stuff like that. For regular ol' members reading, I do suggest trying to voice your opinions a little more. If there's a change you want to see, or a problem you have, just post it in #discord-suggestions (using the proper format) and see what other people think there. Anyway, that's that. The time has come. Sayonara amigos etcetera etcetera. (It occurs to me now that this'll post in off-topic, so IDK. Pretend that isn't here. I would've preferred to say nothing as I left, but it would also feel weird just not saying goodbye. Oh, and sorry Sky for making you have to deal with removing my tags and roles from here.) <:MR_CatBop:803074402370453504>
  9. Luca will be hosting a gaming session for Goose Goose Duck this Saturday. For all who don't know, Goose Goose duck is a free to play deception game similar to Among us, Goose Goose Duck has various roles you can play as and its very own proxy chat. Find out who the ducks are or try and blend in with the Geese. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1568590/Goose_Goose_Duck/
  10. until
    Monstrum 2 is a new and fun gaming where you play as prisoners trying to escape a labyrinth, or as a monster hunting the humans down. It has 5 player rounds and is great with friends. Check it out here: https://store.steampowered.com/app/109317
  11. You go so fast your heart can't keep up I want the power to take whatever power the next person wants but better
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