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  1. Thanks Cas. You're officially POG and I'm promoting you to "Owner".
  2. lmao 096 so powerful pls nerf.
  3. I enjoy specialist foods. On an unrelated note, I'm an only child now...
  4. I'm really sorry you went through that. I hate replying and saying things like this because it might come across like I'm trying to "shift the spotlight" so to speak, but I've had... Similar thoughts too. I'm so so proud of you for making it out and I hope they don't come back (oh god eyes be watering). I can't imagine what it is that made you feel that way, but yeha. You're here. Good. You'd better understand how goddam important you are. I don't even know you too well, and I think you've had a strong impact on me in the last month.
  5. I used to love and enjoy soccer so much. I gave up on it after a few years though as I kept getting kicked and slammed in the face (not sexual). Oh boy those wholesome games are so painful but amazing. There's nothing nicer than investing a few hours into a cute and lovely little game and spend the time after crying because it was such an emotional roller coaster. I haven't yet played Unravel or Journey, but I've seen them advertised and they look pretty snazzy. I have a scar on my left foot too, but that's from where I dropped a knife whilst drying up. Here's a fun fact! I'm ac
  6. I'm going to try to be the first responder, but probably take so long with this that I'm 2nd or 3rd. I love long distance cycling. I used to do computer repairs and loved doing it (god dammit I just saw Stig replied).. For the past few years, my parents have had a policy of not feeding me so I get experience taking care of myself. (I joke about this one a lot but don't know if people take me seriously) I'm bi. I love interior design! And that was my turn as a person that replied to this.
  7. ._. How dare you mock my death...
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