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  1. I am an accepting person. ACCEPTED
  2. This may be acceptable... ACCEPTED
  3. This was indeed a funni worthy of YouTube content... ACCEPTED
  4. Got a wheeze out of me... ACCEPTED
  5. I will be hosting several games of Unfortunate Spacemen this Friday the 26th of March at 4:30pm AEDT. I've been planning this for quite some time as a lot of you will know by now, and it's time to unleash your inner monster. For those that don't know, Unfortunate Spacemen is basically 3D Amogus with guns and a ton more maps and abilities to choose from. The game can be found here -https://store.steampowered.com/app/408900/Unfortunate_Spacemen/ And no. This won't get *it* out of your head.
  6. 1) You seem pretty nice although you are quite prone to memeing. 2) IDK. I don't think anyone really cares about me. 3) I hate myself. Jkjk lol. :kek:
  7. I can't find the "Masterpiece" reaction. :MR_CrySnapped:
  8. Robin

    Pantheon Podcast

    The Pantheon Podcast is a small podcast run by Robin. It covers recent events, news and announcements whilst also getting the community involved. There are voted for topics and even a section for people to freely share their opinions.
  9. Minirow was a character I voiced in an animated series that took a nosedive and completely destroyed itself before a pilot episode was ever shown.
  10. Hello. I am a really new member of the community and I doubt anyone knows me. I come from another community which you can join at https://discord.gg/Pantheon. Here's a basic bit of info about me. I like music, voice acting and getting involved with online communities. IRL I just hang out with friends and study at a random IT course, but somehow manage to remain super active on Discord without even realising it? This may come as a shock to you, but I'm also a very out-doorsy and active person. Haha. Originally I was going to make a video to introduce myself, and I may if enough people are
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