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  1. Who the hell is your best friend sounds like a chump
  2. Feel free to add me on discord if we haven’t already! You were one of the few people I really enjoyed hanging out with so it would be nice to keep in contact! my discord is lachchoc123#1287 most importantly is that I wish you good luck on your next endeavour in life my dude
  3. Yo I’m glad to have helped you get your footing! And it is wonderful to see that you enjoy being here :)
  4. Take care and feel free to dm me if you need to chat homie
  5. Time to TSR with you for all eternity
  6. Btw just wanted to mention ill still play scpsl so dont worry gamers ;)
  7. This is upsetting but i will be leaving pantheon. It has come to my attention a fair few people dont want me here anymore and i cant handle the stress its putting on my mental health. i joined this community wanting to make friends and help people out with stuff, may it be in game or just needing someone to chat to. this year however i have been caught up in a few bits of drama that had left a few people leading a hate train against me and causing me to suffer from a bit of depression. i had planned to stay a little longer but i just feel really unsafe and unwelcomed atm and might need to leave now. i made really good memories and great friends here and it has been a fun ride with me zooming up to smod, helping out with the podcast, joining all the community games and watching pantheon grow into this fun community! if you guys wanna keep in contact with me feel free to add me on discord but im taking a break from pantheon at least until some of the people who are targeting me personally start to forget about me and move on. i love you guys! signing out ~Lachchoc123 :D
  8. See ya levin the levin year old 😉
  9. Christ you really got them all! XD
  10. Tails gets owned.mp4 Drivoyki doesnt get let in.mp4
  11. 1625798492_Ithoughtyouhadthegun.mp4
  12. But you get beaten by a 17 year old japanese teen I have super reflexes
  13. Ireland (the home of my ancestors) japan or really anywhere in europe tbh i also wanna visit the snow one day but if we are talking about any places the main places i wanna go are places i can meet my friends like all the boys in NSW, VIC and QLD (Especially the most important person in my life which most of yall can guess)
  14. You keep stepping on small pyramids and they hurt more than legos! i can read minds
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