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  1. Name: Avante Server: Discord What was the reason for your ban?: Making a single "dumb" suggestion in the #suggestions channel in the Pantheon Discord. How long was the duration of the ban?: Permanent Who were you banned by?: Cas Why do you believe you should be unbanned?: I was banned for making a single post in the #suggestions channel in the Pantheon Discord; prior to this "offence", I have had no warnings nor other infractions of any kind on the Pantheon Discord server. The suggestion was, in my opinion, completely sensible and should not have warranted such a serious punishment; such a post in a channel with the sole purpose of providing staff and users alike of the Discord server with potential suggestions it is up to the majority of the server to decide if a post or suggestion is indeed definitively "dumb". A permanent ban for simply posting a suggestion, which may or may not have been downvoted by the community anyway. Any form of suggestion is still a suggestion as such; a positively "dumb" post would be, for example, nothing to do with a suggestion of any sort at all. However, I understand that this community does not want my input and thus I shall refrain from making such posts in the future.
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