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  1. Hey Pantheon people! So I guess it's obvious I've drfited away, I know my presence was short lived but I made a couple of friends and experienced a... um... different side of the internet. I wish you all well in your lives and future endeavours. Stay safe everyone. You're all still welcome to message me for anything you may want or need from me. Stay awesome Goodbye.mp4
  2. Pantheon community: The movie Coming this summer
  3. Hey Tails. I wish you all the best. I hate to see you go but I know that this is a decision you've made. Maybe we'll see you again one day.
  4. Hey Lach, It is disheartening to see you go but I know you've made this choice for a reason. stay safe out there and I wish you all the best.
  5. Reassurance-7.mp4 Justified-6.mp4 I Can't Play-4.mp4 How To Contain 939-3.mp4 Facility Guard Diplomacy.mp4 Idk if u want these or not but here they are Caught In 4K.mp4
  6. There's No Larry.mp4
  7. If this clip is denied due to bad quality audio, I promise I won't be hurt National Anthem.mp4
  8. Hi, Everyone! I'm Luke. I live in Northern Melbourne and I'm currently studying IT. I Joined Pantheon midway through last year and have been active on and off. The people here are welcoming and fun to play games with so naturally I've become more active here :) Thank you everyone for being a great group of people. Looking forward to the future of Pantheon.
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