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  2. lach noooooo! i will always be your companion man farewell sir artlist.mp4
  3. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO SHRED IM GONNA MISS U!!!! (sorry for the late response i was too busy banging many women and beating the shit out of the comm staff)
  4. cryptic you are the most impressive man i have ever met you started and finished puberty in a span of 2 months, ive got say im astonished goodbye sir ;-;
  5. hello me panda based former admin of the workers union im cool and stuff i was in russia that one time with the boys rosesh i hate lucacappa, he cheats in feddy world i got nuzzled by desteris one time my name is panda. ive been in pantheon since april 2020. my first participation in pantheon was following alongside shredoning in the raids against russia. i am very racist and everyone loves me i dont have many irl friends as tails told them all to jump off a balcony for playing anime roblox games i play lots of sl. for some reason the kids on official think im the owner anyway, hello
  6. nooooooooooo lachhhhhh! ill always be ur frienddd goodbaiiii
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