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    Gartic Phone

    Henlo gamers, This Friday at 8 PM i will be running a web browser game called Gartic Phone. Gartic Phone is a free to play game where you draw other people's promts. During the event you will be given a link to the Gartic Phone game. Hope to see you gamers there! Date: Friday the 24th of September at 8pm AEST
  2. Pantheon Community - Minecraft Building Competition #1 Information The staff team is back at it again with another competition and this time it's all to do with Minecraft! We will be hosting a Medieval building competition from Sunday the 12th to Sunday the 19th. Entrants will be given one week to design anything to do with Medieval. Voting for submissions will run for three days. The plot size for each player will be 84 by 84 blocks. All entrants will have their design recorded by the Community Staff and displayed to the public. When the voting period begins on the 20th September, The Community Staff will have posted clips of each build in #competition-entries and the community can vote for their favourite builds by reacting in #competition-entries. This voting period will be open for three days and close on the 23rd September. Votes will be counted and the winners announced the following day. Depending on the interest shown in this competition, we may add more to the prize pool. Prizes 1st place: $25 Steam gift card + Custom discord role for 1 month. 2nd place: $15 Steam gift card + Pantheon Builder role on discord. 3rd place: $10 Steam gift card + Pantheon Builder role on discord. How to Enter Join the competition server by using this IP address: mc.pantheoncommunity.org. Upon joining the server, you will be instructed on how to get whitelisted. When it asks you to send a linking code to a bot, send it to the Pantheon-Dev bot on the discord server. A day after the server is opened, access will be restricted to those who haven't already joined during the first day. To start a plot, simply use the command: /plot auto. Rules The builds must be based around the Medieval theme. No copying Youtube video's for builds (Community staff will be checking) Must be your own original creation. Do not share your creations with others on discord, this is on purpose for anonymity No user-specific submissions. Solo builds only. Must abide by Discord and Minecraft TOS & Pantheon server rules. No builds based on real life tragedies. No joke submissions, Any joke submissions found will be deleted and the user will be disqualified. No hacking or scripted clients. Submissions that violate the rules will be removed.
  4. Shredoning will taste like the worst thing you could possibly imagine to taste and it will leave an aftertaste for centuries. I get transported to an alternate universe where there is magic and i am the main character :)
  5. What would you prefer to do in the future? Evolve into Crab? OR Return to Monke?
  7. WOOH YEAHHHH BABY, thats what i've been waiting for, thats what it's all about! WOOOO
  8. You look like Charlie from the chocolate factory older, except he ate all the fucking chocolate and became a discord moderator.
  9. i would feel awkward... and also afraid, mainly because if it's ALL the profile pictures that means... many nightmares have been released
  10. My current username: A misspelling of Invincible for a school smash ultimate tournament on a friends switch. I only noticed it was the wrong spelling a month later when i called myself out. aaand it stuck with me. My old username: shyguy3233 was my username for my old minecraft account and the username my father bestowed upon me when i was younger.
  11. If you leave, who will play Bloons Tower Defense 6 with me ;(
  12. Favourite Categories are probably Isekai, Fantasy, Harem, Gaming and Adventure. Favourite anime is: Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear
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