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  1. Hello all! Thought I'd best introduce myself to the community, as I have been playing on it religiously. I'm RightBehindu...but you may have seen my on the SCP:SL servers quite frequently under the name "CPU Core-i5...blahblahblah" - this is my computer's CPU specs and SCP:SL seems to prefer using that as opposed to my actual steam name (apologies if my name takes up half your screen sometimes...). I'm a programmer and educator specialising in Website Development in many languages and Mathematics, and have felt quite at home on the Pantheon servers, as there are many nice people about. It would be nice to see a few more active admins on though as the occasional rule-breaker does seem to impact gameplay every now and then, but that is to be expected as there are multiple servers (and now I realise, multiple games too). I'm not much of an avid Discord user (usually opting for Teamspeak above all else, and it is easy enough to communicate with others on the server already) but I might start hopping on there every now and then so keep an eye out and say hi :). Hope to see you all on the servers! Regards, - Rbu.
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