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  1. Well good news, you only have to wait 3 days. The ban justification is valid, multiple staff were present and saw you. Feel free to use this brief ban as a time to reflect on the rules and maybe next time listen instead of accusing staff of being a "sook". Thus your appeal is denied.
  2. You have been repeatedly banned for the exact same reason, claiming it is "unreasonable" is not helping your case, many others are banned for the exact same reason so unless you can prove these actions were "ignored" that entire section is useless. Thus given your repeated history and inability to learn from your past, the ban will remain. You show zero signs that you have learnt to avoid the reason you again have been removed multiple times for. Please don't appeal again until you actually learn to take responsibilities for your actions, it will just been declined again. Appeal is n
  3. Specifically putting a discord crasher on a discord server owned by pantheon, the owners of the servers you are hoping to be unbanned from... Sorry, your ban appeal is denied. Think before you act next time
  4. After looking further into this I have changed the verdict. As of today you are permanently barred from all pantheon hosted servers, we do hope you find a community that will be more suited towards the appalling and disrespectful abuse you give to others. I do however doubt that fact. Good luck anyway Desteris
  5. Given your history and it being very evident you have not learnt from past punishments, this appeal is declined with zero chance of being revoked. If you fail to change your ways IF you return after this ban, you will be permanently barred from all servers run by pantheon. Re-evaluate your choices and how you interact with others as you will only ostracise yourself . Desteris
  6. You mind giving more details, no idea who you even are. Give appropriate ID for your account EDIT: Thread locked...
  7. As stated in your ban, you are no longer welcome. Ban evasion is unacceptable. We hope you find a more suitable community that will accept your toxicity and racism
  8. Unfortunately this appeal is somewhat hard to believe is sincere, You were found on multiple instances for advertising for a now dead community and in my eyes are only wanting back due to no longer being staff in a dead server. Everyone with a remote shred of common sense knows that advertising is against the rules and ultra rude to do. So this ban appeal will be denied, so please take this as a learning lesson and good luck finding a new community. Desteris
  9. Judging by your history with harassment I'm inclined to believe it happened. You may not perceive what you say can either be harassment or racism but to others it can be very different. Therefor this appeal is being declined. Please be mindful of everything you say or do within any community or server. Desteris
  10. Hello, it seems you forgot about the fact that you openly also were using alts to ban evade. So unfortunately for you, the ban will remain. If you believe we have a bias towards donators you are most definitely wrong, you are fine to think that way if you want. But at the end of the day, your opinion matters naught. With all this taken into account we hope you find a server more accommodating towards your style of personality. Desteris
  11. Considering I personally caught you trying to encourage people to ban evade, other staff and players having issues with you as well as raid the suggestion channel of pantheon after your friend snail got banned from the discord. At this stage this appeal is being denied, you can however re-appeal in 3 weeks time. Desteris
  12. This appeal is being accepted, however do keep in mind to not do it again. AU official is the most popular server in OCE. Holding spots when others are trying to get in is just bad sportsmentship. Desteris
  13. That Steam ID you listed is not in the ban files, which indicates that you did in fact ban evade and it's picking up your other account. This leaves this ban appeal with less evidence of why you should be unbanned. Unless you are willing to give information regarding your actual accounts and reasons, we can't do anything. Desteris
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