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  1. Given your history and the fact that your final time was running around insulting staff and excessive use of racial slurs. Ban is not being lifted any time soon thus this is declined. Also just for clarification, the ban is indefinite. Desteris
  2. As stated in your LITERAL last appeal, your steam name is still advertising so yet again this appeal is denied. Why you would take the word of "retired staff" over a current manager in your previous appeal baffles me, thus so if you fail to change this before you appeal again you will be unable to ever appeal again. Desteris
  3. Appeal is remaining declined, your steam is still the same name as when it was removed. We do check on these things when people make appeals so please address the issue before making another appeal.
  4. Hello, names desteris. Some may of you may have heard or know of me as the old man.. This is false, i too know how to skateboard and what not. It has come to my attention recently i never bothered to do this, so hello i guess. Been a pantheon manager for nearly 3 years now, damn been awhile. Northwood community director for over 2 years and professional invisible user for 3. Anyway as i said. Hi
  5. Unfortunately 1-2 months is already below your initial ban that you decided to try and dodge. So this ban will remain for a fair bit longer. Please re-appeal in 100days minimum from this appeal. Thus, it is declined for now. Desteris
  6. Appears to have been a bug that occurred, should be resolved within the next hour or so
  7. This appeal is accepted, however let it come with a note. If you continue the past escapades of antagonizing others you will be removed again as less leniency will be given. Desteris
  8. Unfortunately with your history, the friends you most definitely have and how you were conducting yourself. The appeal is declined, if you accept it or not isn't our problem. These are servers provided and run by us, at any given time we can reserve the right to remove clearly toxic and downright asshole of people.... So Feel free to find a new community, because at no point will this ban be revoked.. Good luck and best wishes in your search. Desteris
  9. Sorry to inform you the bans for both will remain, judging by how many chances and prior bans for mic-spam related reasons you have it's evident that you really can't learn. Take this time to actually re-evaluate your conduct or the next time will be significantly longer or even permanent. Hence, appeal is denied. No Chances for appeal Desteris
  10. What is the minimum age to be on Discord? How do you ensure teens under 13 can’t create an account? Discord's Terms of Service requires people to be over a minimum age to access our app or website. The minimum age to access Discord is 13, unless local legislation mandates an older age This should explain it fairly well, we uphold the discord terms of service fairly tightly as it could impact our community as a whole. Given the fact you were so new no chances are being taken. I strongly advice you refrain from making jokes like this as many communities WILL just remove you outright for it. At this time, appeal is being denied unless some kind of proof is given Desteris
  11. Unfortunately after looking into this, you were most definitely warned prior. This ban will remain for the full duration hence appeal is declined. Desteris
  12. Sorry to inform you the ban will remain, sexual harassment especially when people outright tell you to stop and your final response about it when i confronted you publically about it was "Don't be a snowflake". Sexual harassment is a serious case This ban will remain permanently. Please try and find a new community because it definitely isn't going to be here again. Desteris
  13. Judging by the fact we have seen proper evidence of you trying to invite an entire lobby within our server to "your friends private server where he can do any events" I think its safe to say you most definitely broke advertising rules. You also failed to follow the appeal format. Since you are adamant you didn't here is the rule ( Do not advertise without permission from a manager to do so. ) You don't need to appeal in the future, it will be declined like this one. We hope you find a more fitting community that will accept your behaviours and that you learn that this rule is very much a standard rule in just about ANY community. Desteris
  14. Given your history and the fact we have had reports of you very much not changing your ways including but not limited to harassing streamers with heavy racism. Your appeal is denied. You have received too many "chances" including racism and attacking staff. Please don't appeal again Desteris
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