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  1. Desteris

    Ban Appeal

    Please include your actual discord ID then, however. If someone occurs on your account, even if someone else does it. Is your own fault.
  2. Just get a pet you cant buy in all states like a ferret and flex on people.
  3. Go to sleep or ill ban you.
  4. Bans for FF are only temp, its a bug saying it is that long. Ban will remain but should be removed soon.
  5. FF bans are only temp, ban will not be removed just wait out the remaining time.
  6. Unfortunately your last outburst against other members within the community is very unacceptable. Thus your appeal is being declined, this verdict will not change. Desteris
  7. This appeal is declined, the ban is only 24 hours. Not perm, i highly recommend you control yourself better as future instances will result in bigger punishments. As for your reason for being banned, it is far worse than just saying "the n-word" keep racism to a minimum or gone completely. Desteris
  8. Desteris

    Ban Appeal

    Declined, Please submit a real steam ID next time you appeal.
  9. Humanity is lost, time to start over.
  10. Not sure if be scared or wonder what it tastes like grilled on a nice open campfire
  11. Ban was for excessive Teamkilling, We do have a method of knowing peoples statistics of what they do in-game. Your ban will remain until 2019-11-24 where it will automatically expire. Desteris
  12. Unfortunately this appeal is denied, your original ban was for racism, extreme toxicity and abuse to others/minors... It was not for simply using an alt, however the multiple alts you did use only further solidified the reasoning as you were banned on one of them for just about the same reason. No further discussion will be made. Desteris
  13. Unfortunately the appeal is being declined, anyone with common sense would be able to tell that going into someone else's house and saying "give x to a competitor community" is not smart. However the ban will be reduced to 2 weeks. EDIT: After your recent immature behaviour within the Discord, we have reverted the ban reduction. Desteris
  14. This appeal is being declined. We do keep records and not even 24 hours before the ban you were warned for excessive ear rape and NSFW soundboard. Desteris.
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