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  1. Humanity is lost, time to start over.
  2. Not sure if be scared or wonder what it tastes like grilled on a nice open campfire
  3. Again, your antics have deemed you unfit for the community. We wish you luck on finding a more suitable community for your style of behaviour.
  4. Donations aren't automatic, just needed me to wake up and set it up for you. should be done shortly
  5. Sorry, not an admin. Your post is clearly falsified.
  6. Desteris


    Getting closer, Can breathe fire... still not 457 thou.
  7. time to go full nerd. But ive rewatched full metal alchemist brotherhood on there 3 times >_> no judge.
  8. cant help but notice he isn't wearing the brown pants today. but good job regardless.
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