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  1. Thats a no from me chief, you were evidently just in to cause drama and chaos. So you can proceed to enjoy finding a new community. Hence... Declined, hope you have a lovely day. Desteris
  2. Please contact me under the same name on pantheon discord
  3. You know what you did, i'm not sure your wife does but i'm sure she would like to.
  4. This appeal is being accepted only on grounds that if you proceed to do anything similar again, you will be indefinitely banned from all of pantheon without any method of appeal. Desteris
  5. You have failed to follow any sort of appeal form please submit an actual form.
  6. This appeal is being declined, Please don't re-appeal in the future. All future attempts will be declined also. Desteris
  7. Wait so you are saying that when you first joined it was you on the account, but then someone suddenly changed your account name to one of the mods of the time?? I fail to believe this since the timeframe of you being banned from when you joined, changed your name and got banned for impersonation was 12minutes. This appeal is declined.
  8. This appeal is going to be conditionally accepted, if you repeat the past and fail to cease your abusive nature as well as fail to listen to directives. You will be removed again with no chance to re-appeal. Desteris
  9. This ban seems justified and is only a temporary ban, it will be remaining for its full duration. Hence this appeal is denied.
  10. Unfortunately I am going to have to decline this, over the time you caused a fair few dramas while both inside and outside of the community that have impacted it directly. At this time we believe you have already had and passed your "second chance" thus for the foreseeable future we will not be accepting your appeal. Desteris
  11. Given your history and the fact that your final time was running around insulting staff and excessive use of racial slurs. Ban is not being lifted any time soon thus this is declined. Also just for clarification, the ban is indefinite. Desteris
  12. As stated in your LITERAL last appeal, your steam name is still advertising so yet again this appeal is denied. Why you would take the word of "retired staff" over a current manager in your previous appeal baffles me, thus so if you fail to change this before you appeal again you will be unable to ever appeal again. Desteris
  13. Appeal is remaining declined, your steam is still the same name as when it was removed. We do check on these things when people make appeals so please address the issue before making another appeal.
  14. Hello, names desteris. Some may of you may have heard or know of me as the old man.. This is false, i too know how to skateboard and what not. It has come to my attention recently i never bothered to do this, so hello i guess. Been a pantheon manager for nearly 3 years now, damn been awhile. Northwood community director for over 2 years and professional invisible user for 3. Anyway as i said. Hi
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