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  1. Accepted We will keep an eye out for the player as they are not currently online but they will be dealt with appropriately.
  2. Declined You have not given an actual id. And if you wish to contact me about what your ban was you can dm me with your id and I can look into it. My discord is Camo#0706
  3. Camo

    Crab Game

    Crab Game is a First-Person Multiplayer game where you fight for the ultimate cash price until only one player is left to claim the grand prize. Crab Game has the same atmosphere as fall guys with a twist being that the minigames are based of childish games.
  4. Accepted due to the ban happening 2 years ago now and a genuine appeal I will accept your appeal.
  5. The next SCP:SL event will be held this Sunday. The server will be running from 1:00 PM till 3:00 PM. You Can join by clicking direct connect in game and putting in the server ip. Server IP:
  6. Is the steam account linked to your forums the correct account you use now?
  7. Still a tmod in our hearts :PepeHeart~1: 

  8. might want to start running.mp4
  9. benza mistake.mp4
  10. How much money have you made selling steam cards all together.
  11. get that music outta here.mp4
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