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  1. These looks really good, nice work man
  2. Oof, i doubt that its that good. But if they to then they can use it.
  3. veri nais? what is your opinion?
  4. Schindler's List im not kidding i like it
  5. Heres some good music i like: The Twist - Chubby Checker My Blue Sky - Electric Light Orchestra Ocean Man - Ween ye i cant think of anything else really... sometime i listen to Slavic Hardbass WHAT DO YOU LISTEN TO?
  6. i could only fin two rip, tiled wood and concrete made about a month ago, what do you think, also please do not use without asking first
  7. Hulo I am Mark I work for Affray Studios in the Development for SCP:Ascension as a texture artist. And I own the Maksur Game Developers Network. Shoonk Bye
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