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  1. SUPER SHINY Hey there y'all! I go by the name Pearlescent or Luminescent. Some of you may have seen me in-game or on the Discord. I live in Indonesia and I'm going to turn 15 this year (hoorah!). I've loved online gaming ever since I played my first online game (cough minecraft cough) and over the years I've developed a love for small but growing tightly-knit communities like the Pantheon family. You guys seem like a really nice and welcome bunch, and I'd very much like to be a part of the cheerfulness that you all share with each other. My first experience with the Pantheon community was when I was looking for low-ping SCP:SL servers that I could play in. Over time the server location has moved, and now I'm getting unexplained 300 ping (might be the underwater cabling setup's fault) but by then I'm no longer staying for the ping, but for the community and all the fun and laughter I get while playing together with the community. That being said, I hope that with this introduction post you all get to know me better, and I hope to see you in Discord and in our Secret Laboratory! Best Regards, Lumine-scent P.S. please reply to this post it helps my self esteem P.S.S. my little brother sometimes uses my account to play SL as well so if you see a silent me in-game do assume it's not me.
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