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  2. Discord: Sadness#0323 Discord ID: 680335206594641984 Why Was I Banned: Honestly i dont really know how i got banned Why Do You Believe That You Should Be Unbanned: i do not know how i got banned for some reason.
  3. This is making me upset to leave this community i will be leaving pantheon. i cannot handle the stress thats putting on my mental Health. I made really good memories with great friends but alot of them has sadly left so its my time to step into the teleporter to the next stage I Love you Guys i had so much fun but later on i might come back but if u do wanna chat to me just add me (Sadness#0323) Going Into the teleporter Cya! -Saddo
  4. Destiny 2 titan main ew hunter better
  5. ill Miss you crypto Hopefully u will have a good time while you are gone.
  6. Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop I just love it
  7. I would go to syria because i know everyone there and its my culture
  8. oh god why please help
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