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  1. Discord: Sadness#0323

    Discord ID: 680335206594641984

    Why Was I Banned: Honestly i dont really know how i got banned

    Why Do You Believe That You Should Be Unbanned: i do not know how i got banned for some reason. 

  2. This is making me upset to leave this community i will be leaving pantheon. i cannot handle the stress thats putting on my mental Health.

    I made really good memories with great friends but alot of them has sadly left so its my time to step into the teleporter to the next stage
    I Love you Guys i had so much fun but later on i might come back but if u do wanna chat to me just add me (Sadness#0323) 
    Going Into the teleporter Cya! 

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  3. Hey guys ive been thinking about stuff i feel like i dont belong in this server because i have been getting disrespect by people and they know i have depression but they are using it to make me sad and overthink i might have to leave the server so i can relax my self and regain my happiness 

    Farewell I will miss U guys goodbye...-The Good boy Saddo.....

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  4. Hewo there u guys must of seen me in pantheon a few weeks ago because i was on a break but finally i will start popping up in Community events Vc's And More

    Here's Some Vid Gums i like: Btd6, (I think i have an addiction to it ) Minecraft And Dbd Hopefully Some Of U Guys Play These Gums 

    Yea thats it Hopefully U will see me. Cya -The Good Boy Saddo

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  5. I'm sorry to say this but I'm gonna be gone for a couple of days or weeks Because im going thru depression and trying to make myself happy but im failing but I might pop up now and then in the vc I'm mostly gonna be muted and not talking cya....

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