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  1. I made this to also kind of explain in my own way why Cas isn't around anymore. Obviously, this isn't what happened but I feel like this is the better version. Pantheon Comm Staff.mp4
  2. Because I wanted you to be
  3. 1501445450_PantheonStaffTeam.mp4
  4. I used to do scavenger diving and dragged a high power magnet through mud, rivers and the ocean and brought up quite a bit of gear. After a while my mates just used to call me The Magnet Man and then the name kinda stuck and now its just MagnetMan
  5. pls can I be mod I have no knowledge of game and will abuse my power
  6. Hi I'm MagnetMan I like magnets and I hope we can attract ;)
  7. Hopefully finished with my teaching degree and teaching abroad in Japan
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