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  1. Fall Guys 1. hede troll hede troll.mp4 Garrys Mod - Pantheon TTT 2. ??? gmod.exe 2022.07.31 - 3. there can only be one THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE.mp4 4. luca troll luca troll.mp4 5. bowling troll bowling ricohet.mp4 6. vamos" gmod.exe 2022.06.12 - 7. oh by the way bat cookedd.mp4 8. nukunae cooked alive fire troll.mp4 9. mad wakes up from reality he woke up.mp4 10. elevator bombings beese guessed correctly.mp4 11. luca gets trolled 2 luca gets trolled 2.mp4 Clash of Clans 12. WALL BREAKER BOMBERS Desktop 2021.07.15 - SCP: Secret Laboratory 13. Slurrps suffering SCP Secret Laboratory 2022.07.30 - 14. NTF peace talks we can talk truce.mp4 15. pink candy pink candy.mp4 16. height abuse SCP Secret Laboratory 2022.07.01 - 17. i dont know what among us is can you tell me- i dont know what among us is can you tell me.mp4 18. ???? i dont know.mp4 19. stell moment SCP Secret Laboratory 2022.06.20 - 20. stell moment 1.5 lunar moment.mp4 21. stell moment 2 SCP Secret Laboratory 2022.06.20 - 22. buddy didnt dc? kujefniwkfnwiukenfiu.mp4 Fortnite 23. Leg 12 scream leg 12 screm.mp4 BattleBit Remastered 24. Lunar escapes a unescapable spot then get fucking headshotted Lunar escapes and gets fucking headshotted.mp4
  2. yes i would but i would be too fucking lazy
  3. Ducky

    Garry's Mod - TTT

    Swapper role Swapper role Swapper role Swapper role SWAPPER ROLE I WANT A KILLCHAIN OF SWAPPER
  4. this died quick
  5. Ducky

    Garry's Mod - TTT

  6. you have the same background as my desktop pc lmao
  7. I like to see what computers pantheon players play on since everyone has different setups. What is your pc specs and desktop setup? Mine: Laptop - i7-8750h @ 2.20 GHz - 512 GB NVme drive - 16 GB DDR4 2666MHz - GeForce GTX 1070 Max Q Desktop - i7-4790 @ 3.7 GHz - 256 GB SATA III SSD, 500GB HDD - 16 GB DDR3 1600 MHz - GeForce GTX 1060 3GB Laptop setup
  8. The first one with the perspectives is FUCKING GLORIOUS
  10. #1 They banned be from going into my ducky spot so i took justice, MY SPOT, FOLKS. Garrysmod 2022.04.03 - #2 Drivoyki gets jumpscared JUMPSCARE!!!!1!.mp4 #3 Mini kills himself with traitor trap Mini T crushes himself.mp4
  11. FUCK SOFT DRINKS!!!!!!!!!
  12. Yes, hello, its me, i'm the person who has years of bad history about mic-spamming in SL, (possibly THE worst recorded) and i still continue to thrive in the server. I've been around since early 2020, who was a stinky green man for a year, i enjoy gaming alone but friends can tag along too. Thats all you need to know about me, once a "scpsl god" now a casual gamer who plays R6 most of the time. Have a good day.
  13. Ducky

    Garry's Mod - Murder

  14. Ducky

    Garry's Mod - Murder

    5;00pm until 2am LETS GOOOOO
  15. rerror in terroerist town
  16. Name: Ducky [Vox] SteamID64: 76561198397846817 Server: Pantheon Server #1 What was the Reason for your ban?: "Using Exploits to prevent dying to SCP-173. This will not be tolerated." How long was the duration of your ban?: 3 days, banned on 20th Jan, ends 23rd Jan 3:41pm. Who were you banned by?: Buddy Why do you believe you should be unbanned?: I thought the spot i was in was reachable by all SCPS, even after the SCP-173 rework since i've died many times to SCP-173 on that spot before, (Both old and new 173) and i've used that spot for several months as well and wasn't told off months previously, so I thought that the spot is okay to sit and chill while the hiding master hides from impending doom from facility guards, i did not mean to use my spot i've used for months prior to this with malicious intent as this was a spot i had intent that i could chill in while the round progresses. Anyhow, i do apologize that i didn't realise that SCP-173 isn't actually able to reach me from that spot. I'm totally fine if this gets declined as i probably did needed a reason to rest my leg prior to my surgery. Cheers. Ducky [Vox] IMAGE BELOW (This image is in reference as to what the hell the spot is im talking about.)
  17. The clip is good but good chance its not fonna get accepted because of the music
  18. SCP Secret Laboratory 2022.01.01 -
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