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  1. The clip is good but good chance its not fonna get accepted because of the music
  2. SCP Secret Laboratory 2022.01.01 -
  3. literally after 1 hour water posted this shred came back :what:
  4. All the best of luck to you Tree, and the future art you make :)
  5. I enjoy just talking within the community and the events, seeing as this is the first community i've actually dedicated my time to and enjoyed my time with, even if i may usually be a loner :)
  6. hi local area network, im the hiding master
  7. Garrys_Mod_2021-09-03_22-58-12.mp4 Garry's Mod 2021.09.03 - These clips are comparsions of my POV of dunking on Lan with a explosive barrel, and Lan's pov of me dunking on him with a explosive barrel Names: Ducky [Vox] and Lan (Lanigrio1)
  8. until

    About time light bearers gets an event, wish the game was more popular
  9. Damn i'll miss ya in the community and your events :(, so many people left this night...
  10. TheLazyDucky

    Friday Night TTT


    time to jhab bomb groups
  11. Dryvoyki GRENADEEEE.mp4 Name: Ducky [Vox] (for panth submission highlights 5)
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