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  1. hi local area network, im the hiding master
  2. Garrys_Mod_2021-09-03_22-58-12.mp4 Garry's Mod 2021.09.03 - These clips are comparsions of my POV of dunking on Lan with a explosive barrel, and Lan's pov of me dunking on him with a explosive barrel Names: Ducky [Vox] and Lan (Lanigrio1)
  3. until

    About time light bearers gets an event, wish the game was more popular
  4. Damn i'll miss ya in the community and your events :(, so many people left this night...
  5. TheLazyDucky

    Friday Night TTT


    time to jhab bomb groups
  6. Dryvoyki GRENADEEEE.mp4 Name: Ducky [Vox] (for panth submission highlights 5)
  7. kill 1.mp4 kill 5.mp4 kill 4.mp4 kill 3.mp4 kill 2.mp4
  8. TheLazyDucky

    Garry's Mod TTT


    pidegon kamikaze bomb
  9. Its such a shame that you had to leave, but it makes sense, i wish you all the best from me, and i hope your northwood position goes well. :)
  10. I've been having quite a bit of issues with my steam account connected to pantheon forums, it all started when i decided to unlink my steam account after i realised my profile photo and level wasn't syncing at all with steam and what was being displayed, so i decided to unlink my account and relink it (to hopefully see if stuff decided to sync again) After relinking my steam account to the Pantheon Forums, it displayed as this: Last time i checked it would actually display your account photo and steam name, but it just displayed as this, so i decided to check my profile > steam profile in forums, and it simply came up like this: I don't know why my steam account isn't displaying anymore on the forums, tried Clearing Cache, Went on a different Browser, Restarting PC, unlinked and relinked my steam account, Validing Steam64 ID and Updating Steam Profile with Options at the top right, but nothing wasn't able to fix this, and it is getting increasingly annoying looking at a empty steam profile, everything is also public on my steam account by the way, so there isn't anything conflicting with steam integration (i think) Is there a solution to this problem and has anyone been experiencing this problem as well, would like a fix on this and everyones opinions as well, thanks :)
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