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  1. Server: Pantheon 5 Reason: N Word (Trolling and Racist) and also the same guy i reported earlier didn't change his name Players: Snig**MyNi****, SneakyDuck905, Broolynkodi, [Staples] and maybe more if you can find them in the video Reason: I am going to put a video below of the horrible words these members were saying on the SCP Server Tonight at about 8:17pm . Also to note that the same guy i reported about his name didn't bother changing his name and still kept his racist name. As you can see in the video these members are just trolling and hopefully stuff gets done against these people Video: https://streamable.com/zom57e
  2. Server: Pantheon 4 Name: SniggaMyNi**** SteamID: 76561198191297855 Reason: Pretty obviously the name. Here is proof
  3. You were the first person i ever met and its sad to see you go man. I wish you the best :)
  4. Hello, I am reporting a bunch of members that were on the Pantheon Server 3 or i think 2 Today that were being straight out racist . The offenders names are the following: Name: ARRACUDA66TODD294785 Name: Enward Here is proof that i have put below of the Extreme racism. SCP Secret Laboratory 2021.07.07 -
  5. Hello, Player named Spectate me in SCP has been contently mic spamming in both spectate chat and game. Not only that but he has been saying the n word and the F word (not fuck the other one) . I don't not have any proof though i think he has been dealt with multiplayer times if you look up his player history. At the time of him being on the server there were no staff members. Regards Henmeister
  6. Yeah tbh its hard to predict the games future without an active Dev Team. Yeah i had a 1070ti before and pretty much getting the same fps "You clearly dont play SL enough" --> Well yeah cause i am a new player and dont spent my whole time on that game but ok. Really no need for that Though thanks anyway
  7. Hello everyone 👋 So i recently got a new pc and i'm going to tell you now its very beefy and can pretty much handle anything that gets thrown at it though for some reason i still get shit FPS on the Pantheon Server. My ping is about 22 which shouldn't be an issue though i have checked my FPS and on Medium settings i get about 50/60 though still very laggy and not smooth. My Specs are the Following (Everything you need to know) 3070 ASUS QC 16GB Ram I7-9700k I have done the following: Updated both Drivers through GeForce Experience and the Nivida website Done the same with Motherboard as well. Ducky told me it might be because they dont support 30 series cards yet but they should since they have been out for about 7-8 Months now . Though since some of you guys know a lot about pcs hopefully you could help me.
  8. Discord: Henmeister-.#0001 Discord ID: 684537359798108182 Why was i banned: In my Discord status i had a link advertising my website Why i should be unbanned?: When i firstly was reading over the Discord Server rules i didn't see anything regarding "Cant have links in you're status" so i then had my website in my status. I then never got told about this and got banned. I have since then removed my status and just have a pepe emoji as my emoji . I never knew this was wrong and never would do it again. I am honestly trying to make a change in myself and my behaviour because when i first tried out the Game SCP i just thought it was fun to mess around but been playing the game for about 3-4 months it has been very enjoyable and i love this community with my heart as its such a nice community and everyone helps out each other. I feel like i derisive another chance at being in the discord community and i promise i wont fuck up. Its been well over 2 months since my discord ban and thats why i am coming here to appeal as i feel like i have properly changed and wanna be apart of this community!
  9. My New PC that is coming this week! Note i haven't been able to play for 5 weeks because my old PC was fucked. The Motherboard fried up so yeah... CPU: I7-9700k GPU: 3070 ASUS Card Motherboard: ASUS Prime Z390M MATX LGA 1151 RAM: 16GB Ram Power-Supply: 750W 80+ Gold SSD: 1TB Samsung HDD: 2TB Barrcaude Case: Some Corsair Case Peripherals Razor Huntsman Elite Razor Lancehead Tournament Edation Acer 165 HZ Screen Blue YETI Cant wait to come back to the community and play some SCP and also bully @Lucacappa
  10. Discord: Henmeister-.#0001 Discord ID: 684537359798108182 Why was i banned: In my discord status i was advertising . Why i should be unbanned?: The reason why i was banned i think that it was very unfair, due to the fact that i had in my status me promoting Stuff i sell. You guys could of told me to removed it and i would of happily removed it but insted you guys just banned me without notice. I got told this info by Cryptic in SCPSL.
  11. Discord: Henmeister-.#0001 Discord ID: 684537359798108182 Why was i banned: verbal and racial abuse towards staff Why I should be unbanned Hello everyone reading this discord ban appeal . Firstly i would like to say that i have waited the 4 week wait when i first appealed . Secondly looking back at my behaviour and now thinking about it i just feel disgusted with myself . I seriously don't understand why i said this and it was not right!, I have grown up a lot from when i have said that and yes it was wrong thing to do. Pantheon is full of such nice people and the community is just absolutely amazing and those people in that vc did nothing, I completly deserved the ban and now after me thinking about it and waiting 6 weeks, i feel i have grown up a lot and feel ready to submit an appeal . Honestly the person that banned me from the discord (Lochie) is such a great guy and i have met him in game and have even escaped as a scientist with him . He didn't deserve to hear that language come out of my mouth in the discord and vc and deeply sorry . I Closing I have honestly enjoyed playing scp on the pantheon servers and have met so many friends on that server. Now i wanna appeal this discord ban so i can try and meet those friends that i met on SCP on the discord. Pantheon is such a great community and you guys have the full right to deny this ban (I completly understand the reasons) When i said those words i was immature and i feel like i have grown up a lot . Kind Regards Henmeister or better known as Barry on the SCP server
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