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  1. it'll be hard work but i guarantee the flat earthers will be distraught at the loss of their true haven we will shave minecraft into a spherical shape block by block
  2. Dad at such a young age. truly not epic
  3. Don't run from the nut, accept the gentle, passionate embrace of death and become part of the great spectator community.
  4. This chat is so charged. It was going so well at the start before all the judgement began, we need to restore that positive energy
  5. psychedelic rock is probably just weird because you're meant to be borderline having an out of body experience while listening to it
  6. I read way too much manga to name favourites, but in terms of anime i typically watch your jojos and mob psychos, the ridiculous shit that doesn't really take itself all that seriously. Occasionally I also read chinese web novels, started in the HSC to find something to do other than study and kinda just haven't stopped.
  7. Depends what you're listening to but yeah i can see that. I just really like the melodical aspect of music, the patterns of sound and whatnot, which makes classical pretty good for me.
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