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  1. It's okay hidekane, i don't hate you. Here, have a ninja emoji
  2. I exist, I will not apologize for doing so. Frequently, I exist on the pantheon discord and on the secret laboratory servers. I will not apologize for this either. I am also unrepentant in my availability to get bread with my fellow gamers on pantheon servers, so you'll just have to deal with it. PS; my username is a lie, I am in actual fact named Caleb and not nickolas at all haha get pranked
  3. this is my purpose in life koz do it. go sicko mode.
  4. Processor: i think it was probably processed once CPU Cooling: i spit on it occasionally and that seems to do the trick Graphics card: i slotted a bit of cardboard in if that counts Motherboard: my laptop is an orphan unfortunately Power Supply: i leave it in the sun sometimes to dry the spit, warms it up a bit RAM: sometimes i want to ram my laptop into a wall Hard Drive: i dunno if cellophane is hard or not but the crinkling does drive me insane CD-Rom: no seedy romances here that i know of Chassis: i call it the picasso because pickles and it looks like abstract art. Monitor: my replies please i need to be stopped
  5. not even an alcoholic can you even be a gamer if you aren't an alcoholic? and by extension, can salem be an admin if he isn't a gamer? These are the real questions. Welcome to the info war.
  6. what is a hidekane and why does it play Osu.
  7. Minecraft, Astroneer and Human Fall Flat are all games i'd be up to playing if they were to be supported. I would also like spirita to be downgraded to t-mod so that i am no longer so crippled by my own inferiority complex.
  8. These claims are %100 maybe true with the exception of peakus' name being funny.