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  1. Honourable Mentions - Gaffy - Carpo - Peakus - Gogurt 2019-08-05-184533981.mp4
  2. Competition Winners 1st Place - Wavepoole Pantheon_Meme.mp4 2nd Place - Corn's Flake 3rd Place - Peakus
  3. Soggy wood from a bunch of old rotten doors that were found in a landfill. the other 50 cents is for the bugs.
  4. Pantheon Community - Emoji Competition Information Are you artistically talented or just really dedicated to creating properly ironic meme emojis? Well this is a competition for you! All your constant suggestions for new discord emojis have been heard, and the Pantheon Community Staff and Management have decided to hold an emoji competition! This competition will last a month and will have 8 winners, 3 of these will be chosen by Community Staff members and will receive either a $20 steam gift card or a copy of Star Citizen (a choice will be given between the two, but only one person can choose Star Citizen). The other 5 will be chosen by popular vote on the discord. All winners will have their Emojis added to the Discord. Entry Conditions - All entries must be SFW. - There is no theme (Can be SCP related if you wish). - File size must be under 256kB. - Two entries per person, but only one can win. - When voting, tick for yes, cross for no (as per usual). Submitting & Voting A temporary channel called #competition-entries has been created on the Discord. Paste only your emoji in this channel, no other information should be provided. Once done, the bot will automatically react with a tick and cross, from here members of the community can vote for your submission!
  5. nah i've never been bothered watching anything like that (e3 an whatnot) usually just rely on facebook or steam to give me the info i need
  6. it'll be hard work but i guarantee the flat earthers will be distraught at the loss of their true haven we will shave minecraft into a spherical shape block by block
  7. Dad at such a young age. truly not epic
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